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  1. Thankyou for your reply...so thats why the tax credits have been reinstated almost immediately? Im sure the woman on the phone said "head office" were dealing with it...is that the same as back office?
  2. Can anybody help please! Last year I went to stay with ,y mom for a few months whilst my house was being renovated. I informed hmrc of the change of address. When I did my renewal this year for tax credits, they had my original address on file still, but my correspondence went to my moms address. My mom returned the post to sender without my knowledge, otherwise I wouldve known that there was a mistake. Anyway last week I noticed my child benefit hadnt gone into my bank (i have it paid weekly) So I called them and was told that another dept had informed them that they had returned post, I presumed that mustve been tax credits, and my payments had been suspended, I explained the situation. Anyway I called Tax credits straight away and they said yes those payments had too been suspended, but as I had called and given my original addres those paayment would be reinsated. True to their word my Tax credits went in my vbank on the due day. But still no child benefit has been paid in. Does anybody know how long that takes to be reinstated and why one dept can get it reinstated straight away, but he other cant? I called today and the woman at the child benefit office was very abrupt and said there is no time scale and it had been sent to head office. My daughter is 12 years old so its not like shes nearly 16 or anything!!
  3. Thanks for explaining that...sobasically I've gotta just make do with the child tax credit plus the child benefit?...also as it has been sanctioned can I apply for a crisis loan to pay for my daughters shoes and a winter coat?
  4. They had asked my last employer the reason why i lost my job and he had said it was misconduct
  5. Hello i wonder if sumone can help me??...I lost my job in SEp due to misconduct...I applied for JSA and it was awarded...I then had a letter saying it had been sanctioned until May 2013.I have appealed and that is pending and I was advised to apply for hardship allowance which i did and was told the next day that it had been refused. I have an 11 year old daughter and i am a single parent.Is there anything I can do?I have been awarded child tax credit and I get my child benefit...is there anything else I can do?
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