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  1. Hi Ganymede, that concerns me when you say.... if i don't attend the FCO, i won't be able to ask for monthly repayments to be attached the to the FCO. I am willing to make monthly payments through a CCJ. That is the avenue i would like to take in order to pay off this debt. So would not attending the FCO hearing mean that my chances would be slim of a monthly repayment being issued? If that is the case, then that does scare me!
  2. I have an hearing to attend court for an Interim Charging Order (which i won't be disputing) From what i've read it seems like attending the Interim Charging Order hearing is advised, but it's not of much importance if you decide not to attend the Final Charging Order hearing. Personally i would prefer not to even attend court for the Interim hearing. Would i face any big repercussions if i were not to attend?
  3. A week or so ago i received a claim from Northampton County Court on behalf of Arrow Global/Shoosmiths. It was regarding a £5639 debt (initially with MBNA). For going on a year i've regretfully been ignoring the debt. Since the receipt of the claim, i've made a huge attempt to cut expenses, in order to make space for a significant monthly installment payment. Through the cuts made, i am now able to offer a sum of £180 per month. I sent a claim form with my incoming/outgoings and am now nervously anticipating whether they will accept the offer. There are now a few questions which are running through my head about what will happen next. Will i now receive a simple acceptance/rejection letter from Shoosmiths? Will they ask for evidence in the form of payslips and bank statements? Will i be ordered to court in order for them to obtain information? As an extra note, in a separate letter i was sent, i was told a monthly installment offer would not refrain them from going ahead with a CCJ. I've fully accepted a CCJ will be put on my credit file. What it has left me wondering is, what will be the claimants next step? Will they send me a writ of execution whilst also considering the installment offer? Sorry for the load of questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just feel pretty bewildered about what will happen next, and would love to know what to expect in advance. Thanks.
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