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  1. thats great news thanks..i will mail Sophie at Yorkshire Post. I have written to Highview parking with copies of my pay and display ticket disputing thier claim. many thanks
  2. I was notified on the 22nd December, that on the 8th November 2012 I incurred charges at the Edward Street Car Park. I was to pay £95.00, or, if paid within 3 days, this would be reduced to £75.00. as luck would have it.. I had my pay and display ticket. Which was Printed wrong - the ticket said the 9th November 2012. I have challenged this and am able to prove I was not in the car park on the 9.11.12. But I am concerned for all the other people who parked in the car park, the length of time it has taken for me to be informed. Has anyone else recieved charges for parking in this
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