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  1. A further update. I received yesterday from creation mastercard a letter of deadlock. The letter mainly states that: The retailers terms and conditions of sale specifically state that the material displayed on the website is provided without guarantees to its accuracy. This can be found on the privacy policy section of the retailers website. Furthermore, you accepted the car as it was and took it off the retailers premises. With regards to the roadworthiness of the vehicle, although you have provided the report from Kwik Fit, there is no evidence to prove that the tyres
  2. A quick update. I am still waiting a response from the cc and the letter of deadlock that I have requested. The consumer ombudsman have closed the case as gcs car sales have not responded to the service. regards enzo
  3. ok, well thank you for your responses, I have a plan of action tomorrow.
  4. The T and C are from their website which GCS and my cc are referring too which is as follows: Liability The material displayed on GCSCARSLTD co uk is provided without any guarantees, to is conditions, speciation or warranties as to its accuracy. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information on this site, some errors may occur. It is important that you do not rely solely on this information but check with GCSCARSLTD about any terms you feel will affect your decision to purchase a car. No liability is acceptable for loss or damage resulting from errors or om
  5. The credit card is creation mastercard and the garage in question is GCS Car Sales LTD
  6. The tyres are defective, on one tyre the tread is delaminating from the sidewall. I have a picture. Am I allowed to name companies I am in grievance with?
  7. Hi, I wish for some advice on my issue please. On the 24th of Oct this year I purchased a BMW from a second hand car dealer. The car is a 64 plate, just over 2 years old. I purchased this car on the premise that it had many options on the car. I paid for the car before picking it up some on cc, some by transfer and also a trade in under the assumption that I would be protected on my purchase. On the drive home (3 hour journey) I noticed that some of the options listed in the advert were not present on the car. I checked the car more thoroughly and
  8. The finance is from rci which is a renault based finance scheme. the finance is on the car. with such a major fault basically and engine blown. am I in my rights to cancel the finance and let them take the car back?
  9. Hi thanks for your response. The car was purchased 09/12/11 it is a renault clio 1.5 diesel. the aa warranty Gold cover that I assumed would cover eveything as told & sold by the renault dealership in eastbourne states in the booklet what is excluded bodywork, paintwork, light units, interior & exterior trim, glass including mirrors, handles and hinges, cables, pipes, wires, belts, fastners, exhausts systems, alarms, tracker units, immobilisers, central locking remote control unit, in car entertainment systems, seats, seat belt systems and air bag systems. T
  10. Hi all, Some advice please if anyone can I do not know where to go with this. I purchased a second hand car from a main dealer last year. All bells and whistles regarding warranty key care etc etc. the car is on a 06 plate and has covered less the 55k on the clock. has full main dealer history etc. The car broke down with a high pressure fuel pump failure (diesel pump) and the total cost of repair is £4200 The aa will only cover £2000 of the cost refusing to pay for clamps and clasps and any pipe work for the repair and also wont cover for the fuel tank. They will o
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