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  1. Even though they say I have only 14 days to respond. If the court send me a date to respond by, what do I write Andy?
  2. I received a further letter from solicitors on 16/11/2016 with a Notice of Application to Strike out my Defence as I had not supplied the info the solicitors requested in 22/08/16. This was Notice for Further and Better Particulars and Notice of Discovery. The court has not requested me to complete either of these forms. the solicitors state that I didnt attend court on 03/10/16. I was at court on that date but wasn't called. Presumably as the solicitors didn't bother to attend. They say that subject to any submissions made in writing by the defendant, it is submitted that pursuant to Order 14 Rule 1 (1) (b) if the County Court Rules Northern Ireland 1981. They state that if I wish to object to this application, I must do so within14 days of the date of this letter, failing which it shall be their intention to request that the matter be dealt with on the papers and without the need for formal hearing. I object on the grounds that I did attend court contrary to their allegation and that the court never to supply such information they requested. What should I do. Regards Steve
  3. Andy, received al letter from Court The above matter has been listed for review before the County Court Judge on 9 January 2017. Following the COR review callover, this case will be mentioned on the above date if you fail to lodge a COR within 14 days. If the COR is filed, this date will be withdrawn. What does COR mean and what do I file please?
  4. Can I ask for the case to be dismissed With Prejudice, or does the Judge make that decision? So don't reply with anything to solicitorstgen either? You have been a great help Andy !!!!
  5. Hi Andy. Went to court this morning for review meeting. Arrow's solicitor didn't make an appearance! Judge adjourned the case for another review meeting, date to be advised to me by the court. What do I do now? Regards Stephen
  6. Court has not communicated with me except to advise of review meeting on 3rd October. The request for disclosure has been from solicitor to be made using a court services form to be given to them by 3rd October I understand further and better particulars, but what do I write. Remembering that Arrow never acknowledged that they were the creditor under the CCA and never provided a copy of the agreement. I have never received a notice of assignment either
  7. Apologies for the breach of protocol. I'm still finding my way around and appreciate the advice and information provided
  8. I cant get these Docs scanned, so have typed them up 11/11/2015 Dear Arrow Global Guernsey Ltd Acc ASSIGNED BY bRITTANNICA Recoveries S.a.r.l - Mortlake (A/C N0...) We thank you for your letter dated 11/1//2015 received o n 11/1//2015 and acknowledge your request for documentation pursuant to the Consumer Credit Act 1974. We do not accept that we are the creditor as envisaged by the above statute. However, we are willing to assist in obtainint that which has been requested. We will now process your request for documentation from the creditor and will revert in due course. We confirm that all collection activity will be suspended pending provision of the documents. We return the payment of £1.00. Yours sincerely ARROW GLOBAL FROM SOLICITOR 26 May 2016 Dear Further to our notices, it would appear plain that you have had the use and enjoyment of this credit care from on on about 20 September to on or about 1 November 2011. This is some considerable time and given that the nature of your dispute remains unknown, we would propose cross examining you on, more particularly inter alia your longstanding use of this credit facility and the final balance subsequently defaulted on as evidenced in our supporting documentation. That said and with expediency in mind, our client might be minded to resolve this matter without requirement for a contensted and so if you have any proposals for payment with a view to an amicable resolve, without having to put the matter before a Court, we would respectfully request, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO SO. FROM COURTS AND TRIBUNALS SERVICE 21 September 2016 Dear Sir Re Arrow Global Guernsey Please note that the Plaintiff has failed to lodge a certificate of readiness within 6 months of you lodging a notice of intention to defend. This case has therefore been listed for Review before the Deputy County Court Judge Collins at 10.30 am on Monday 3 October at Lisburn Courthouse unless the Plaintiff lodges a Certificate of Readiness prior to this date. You are not required to attend unless you wish to make representation to the Court. FROM SOLICITOR 22 September 2016 Dear RE Arrow Global Guernsey We refer to the above matter. We enclose the following by way of service upon you in advance of the Court date set for Monday 3 October. 1 County Court Notice Requiring Discovery 2 County Court Notice for Further and Better Particulars. Yours
  9. Will do, many thanks for your prompt reply on a Sun Stephen
  10. I didn't submit a defence yet. Sent off CAA an postal order as you said. Got both returned from Arrow they said they were not responsible but would try to get them. Received nothing from them so sent the follow-up letter saying they were in breach. Their letter said collection activity would be suspended until they sent copy of agreement, which never arrived. About a month ago, solicitors sent letter asking for my defence, I didn't reply. Last week I got letter from court saying a review meeting was to be held on 3 October as solicitor had not issued a certificate of readiness and I didn't need to attend unless certificate was issued. I received a letter from solicitor on Saturday asking for my defence and if it wasn't produced, they would ask for the claim against me to be made at the meeting on 3 October unless I was able to agree a method of payment agreeable to Arrow
  11. Can you help me with a defence. In court on 3rd October and believe arrow haven't complied
  12. Is there anything else I can use apart from a CCA request
  13. I was paying that amount but they harassed me to pay more. I got to the stage that I couldn't pay the 187 and stopped paying anything after about a year of being crucified I rear about the CPR, what does it do that is not covered by the SAR and the CCA
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