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  1. Thanks Emmzzi, just unprofessional the way they have gone about it then. Should I not be entitled to a copy of any evidence they intend to use, in order to prepare a defence?
  2. Thank you SabreSheep, I'm hoping it won't get that far, I'm hoping that I can point out discrepancies in their handling of this issue (if indeed there are any) and make them worry enough to back down somewhat.
  3. Hi Guys, was wondering if anybody can throw some advice my way. Upon finishing my shift today, I went into the office with a colleague to find out what job i had tomorrow, and was told I didn't have a job tomorrow, and to open a letter I was handed (In front of my colleague). The letter states as follows: Dear XXX, ABSENCE MANAGEMENT HEARING Since you have started work at XXX Ltd, you have had a total of 26 days absent from work in the last 12 months. Due to the level of absences that you have incurred, you are required to attend an Absence Management Hearing whic
  4. Thank you again Brig. Has been sent, will keep you updated.
  5. Hello again all, After your advice once again, after the help you have gave us has resulted in 4 DCAs backing down, but now we have come across one we aren't sure of. My partner has received a letter today from Red Debt Collection with the usual threats of courts and bailiff action etc, stating that she owes £440 to Three Mobile. We did in fact set up a standing order to Lowell over a £210 Three Mobile account, as the debt wasn't statute barred as she had been paying Lowell £11 a month a few years ago - so a few weeks ago we set up a £40 a month standing order to get it pa
  6. Thanks, ALSO, I had a letter come from Aktiv Kapital this morning regarding a separate debt for £353.95, this time I emailed the same letter to their enquiries@ email address, and received this less than an hour later: Good morning, Thank you for your recent email. We refer to your recent letter regarding the above referenced account. We have investigated the issues raised in your email, and can confirm that legal action on this account would be statute barred under the Limitations Period. We have therefore taken the decision not to pursue this matter any further
  7. Thanks to everybody who advised, received this letter from EquiDebt a few days ago: Dear Mr XXXX, Creditor: Aktiv Kapital UK Limited Ref: XXX We write with reference to your recent correspondence regarding the above account. In view of the information you have provided, we have investigated this matter internally and have now closed our file accordingly. We can confirm that this account has now been returned to our clients and you will not receive any further communications from ourselves regarding this matter. We trust this clarifies matters. Yours sincere
  8. Should I just reel off all the problems, the pre-loaded fees, visits that never happened, illegal card fees, the levy on the wrong car, the lack of a manager calling etc. And demand a refund of bailiff charges?
  9. I would tell her to go back to the boss, say that she wants a physical copy of everything they intend to use as evidence, including cctv, and that she will need 24 hours from receiving the evidence before she will attend the meeting. If this means putting it back, then so be it. Also ensure she is being suspended on full pay pending investigation.
  10. Then they have already gone against the grain. If they have evidence to suggest gross misconduct (bad enough to be sacked), then she should have been suspended WITHOUT DELAY.
  11. Depending on what level meeting it is, she should be entitled to everything that they have by way of evidence, witness statements, till receipts, journal rolls, cctv - she should have a copy of everything. This allows her to build a defence on the allegations. Maybe she needs to ask.
  12. In that case I'm almost certain that the Police have taken no action whatsoever. As hard as it may be, I would chalk this up to experience, attempt to draw a line under it and move on. There will be no record of the incident as far as the police are concerned, although your days of shopping at Tesco will probably be over. Unfortunately nothing can be done about this as any retail premises is private property. They extend an invitation for people to come and shop in their stores. This invitation can be withdrawn at any time, and no reason is required for doing so. Theft or no theft.
  13. So the area where she cashes up is on CCTV but the safe its not? Just to confirm, the safe IS NOT on CCTV??
  14. Does she have a contract with this club? The only reason she couldn't take in the older guy and not discuss it with him, is if he is classed as a witness to any alleged wrongdoing. I'm presuming this meeting is an investigatory meeting and not a disciplinary? And whilst I believe you are allowed a trade union rep present, i'm not sure if that extends to retired union reps. I'm sure somebody will be along soon with the answer to that!
  15. A Police Officer cannot make the decision if and when to charge, the Crown Prosecution Service do, effectively - all the police can do is arrest you for an alleged offence, investigate it, interview you, gather evidence and present it to the CPS to decide whether there is a case and a public interest to charge you. This obviously has not been done. So I doubt very highly you are going to be charged with an offence. Were you cautioned? i.e. Did either the Tesco security staff or the Police officer say to you a long sentence starting "You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defen
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