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  1. My Mum's a customer and bought some things on Buy It Now, Pay Later. Her October 2012 statement showed a balance of £0.00, but stated that £394.00 was due before 14th DEC 2012, or interest would be applied. Mum paid the full amount of £394.00, which reached them 21st NOV and was shown on November's statement. But this same statement showed they took the payment off the amount of £705.03(!) (which I presume is the full interest price of all the Buy It Now, Pay Later goods,) which left £311.03 as the new balance! But she doesn't owe anything now! The amount owed, £394.00, was paid in full BEFORE the due date of the 14th DEC 2012! And to add insult to injury, they've even added a £12 missed minimum payment fee to her account too, even though the balance should have been zero on the 24th December 2012 when it was applied! I've written 9 emails to them now, explaining this to them, but their latest email says, "I can confirm that we have now removed the interest and your outstanding balance is £157.80. However, if you pay the offer satisfaction of £87.00 by 10/06/2013, the interest will be removed." WTH?! I just can't seem to get through to them that she doesn't owe anything! My poor Mum is worried sick about all this, and it's sure to have affected her credit rating. Do you have any ideas of how to resolve this please?
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