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  1. Did you pay them back in one go or just part payment because I am not sure what is best to do one lump sum or small part payments
  2. Read through it plenty of times, I must admit I was stupid going for the pay day loans should have just learnt to budget, hopefully this dmp get me back on course save some up and get help paying tff off in one lump sum and others will follow after
  3. I like your point its written evidence from them I am not getting 3 text messages, one letter no phone calls and no e-mails
  4. YOU WILL NOT SPEAK TO US. CALL 0843 381 0843 TODAY TO AVOID FURTHER COSTS / DOOR RECOVERY AGENTS / POTENTIAL COURT ACTION Had this text from tff, thing is refused to contact them I tried sending them e-mails no reply, had no e-mails, only 1 letter, no phone calls only 3 text messages. Any ideas what I should do, I am starting a dmp I know there going to be funny about it but if they do not contact me properly what they expect me to do.
  5. Hi need some help does any know the e-mail address for northen debt recovery do not exactly want to use the contact form they have
  6. Does any one know the e-mail address for tff tried contacting them and keep getting an e-mail back saying it can not be sent
  7. Hi, I should have rolled over my loan for two weeks with tooth fairy but according to them I have not and expect to pay full payment. E-mailed tff about it, and only get message back saying e-mail can not be sent.
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