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  1. Thanks! Happy new year to u as well
  2. Have letters been sent to NRAM customers I have a together mortgage and a loan all taken out before 2008 I haven't received anything just wondered if anyone has
  3. Thanks for your reply ! I am going mad with worry is it likely then that they will send an eviction notice? I was late with it as my husband is self employed and hadn't earnt much this time of year I was kinda hoping being a couple of days late they may not do this course of action lol
  4. Hi can anyone help me! I have had a spo on our house or the past 14 months got another year or so to go - In the 14 months I haven't defaulted however this month I have t got the full amount until the end of this week I have paid half the amount required today the due date and another amount which will take it to £100 left will be paid Wednesday will they issue me with an eviction warrant? If so am I likey to lose my house really worried
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