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  1. Update : We pressed on with our County Court Claim against UK Parking control Limited ( UKPC ) in the Winchester County Court. On 21.1.2013 UKPC in an Order by consent gave undertakings to the Court not to enter our land and not to place any Parking Charge Notices on our cars and the Court ordered: 1. Judgment for the Claimants ( ourselves ) 2. Damages for trespass in a total of £150.00 3. UKPC to pay our costs in the sum of £ 1280.26 ( now paid ) R.L.Davey
  2. Reply . May be good point. Certainly loitering with intent on private land in the middle of the night ! Served proceedings on them and no response to date.
  3. Agree. Precisely what we have applied for in the proceedings.
  4. Comp reg : 5104383 Reg Off : The Meridian, 4 Copthall House, Station Square , Coventry CV1 2FL
  5. Many thanks. We shall see what view the DJ takes and in the meantime shall be interested to see what UKPC says it's defence is or whether it concedes the claim. Hearing 21.1.2013. R.L.Davey
  6. UKPC Ltd is another car parking enforcement company. They issue tickets on a private development in Winchester where we live demanding £100.00 for each alleged breach of parking regulations. Apart from that being an unlawful penalty and unenforceable, they have persisted on putting tickets on our cars on our own land ie not an allocated bay but registered to us at Land Registry. Like dealing with aliens. One ticket was at 4 am at night. We objected and demanded undertakings not to trespass on our land and not to place tickets on our cars stating clealry it was our land with registered ti
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