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  1. Hi, I would like to ask: What format should a `closing statement` include after a bankrupt is discharged? a) Is the trustee duty bound, to issue a complete itemised inventory by way of a set legal criteria. b) The name of the trustee and his company. c) Should this statement be signed. d)Should there be supporting documentation relating to creditors. e) Proof of creditor authenticity (invoices etc.). f) A breakdown of costs. g) At what point is the bankrupts `detailed` file passed to the Insolvency office. in other words an `Audit trail` relating to
  2. Hi, I would like to ask for advice, as to the legality of form: N54 A (further attempt at eviction) when I went to the government website to download this document it had `Sample` displayed over it, leaving me to question it`s legality. This document states that `bailiffs can re-attend at anytime without further notice` seems rather horrendous to me, but not at all surprising, another covert `back door` change in the law affecting our human rights.
  3. 1) The Trustee in Bankruptcy applied for possession,. 2) The reason that I have stated, that a miscarriage of justice occurred: is that the judge on the day decided, to agree with their solicitor that the sum claimed (on the day) would be followed up, in the future with many other "Rogue Trader" iL` Legal costs and would have interrupted the "Game plan" to have a successful decision (get a result) on that day, to seriously restrict me from being able to take further counter claims against the claimant.
  4. Hi Folks, This is a mortgaged property, and relates to one of two people being made bankrupt, albeit totally unjustified reasons are a bit to complicated for here, but nevertheless need to be challenged as a gross miscarriage of justice, any other facts that I can provide I will.
  5. I hope that somebody can offer information on this topic please. What is the law relating to Eviction Warrants 1) Does the warrant need to be issued at the same time as the notice of eviction? 2) Are all Eviction warrants exactly the same format? 3) Is a "wet ink" signature required on the warrant by a judge to make it legal? 4) Should a copy of the warrant be served with the eviction notice? 5) What other requirements are mandatory to make this document legal?
  6. I would just like to know how a trustee is chosen, as I know from my dealings with these creditors that they are aggressive, and corrupt, they engineered my bankruptcy through abuse of process, and the courts backed them, the debts are related to legal costs, they allegedly spent £76k chasing a debt of £30k
  7. Hi, I wonder if someone can help me, I was recently made bankrupt, and the official receiver has now appointed a trustee. My question is: what criteria is involved in the choice of the trustee? and can I query this appointment? any advice would be much appreciated.
  8. Hi Andy, They have sent a " Form 6.7 Creditors bankruptcy petition on failure to comply with a statutory demand for a liquidated sum payable immediately" these people do not want to do a deal they are looking for my demise. I lost the application to set aside the petition as I had to represent myself against a barrister and a solicitor who were vastly experienced in what they do.
  9. Hi Andy, yes I was served a Statutory demand over a year ago, I applied to have it set aside and I lost the case, the claimants have now petitioned again, as I failed to pay what was asked, within a 28 day limit, and now face the prospect of bankruptcy in the very near future.
  10. Hi, I would like advice please! my question relates to bankruptcy, in the situation of enforced bankruptcy I would like to know : 1. Who appoints the trustees? 2. Can the respondents influence the choice of trustees? 3. Can the bankrupt person appeal against the choice of trustee? Thanks.
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