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  1. Thanks for the advice DX no idea how many times I am gonna say that ......off to the FOS we go.... Any chance you could advise on link with the details below One-policy-insurance-policy-CIB-Income-Protection-and-life-insurance Why is it insurance companies determine whats good and bad, when they should look at the whole picture, all complaints should just go to the FOS, I mean look at the whole picture Sold a total of four polices, by same IFA 1. Company Pension ??? 2. One policy with the CIB,Life insurance & Income Protection - refunded two parts with interest/n
  2. Hello all I was sold a "Company Pension Plan - I was a one man band" when self-employed with Ltd company, my company had been running less than six months when sold this pension, based on the information given at the time. I still have the original document where the financial advisor states/recommends that "The only option is a "Company Executive Plan"" - lie he was not whole of market "The pension is fully transferable at no additional cost" - lie, almost half the pension would now be eaten up by transferring it. The reviewer has completely ignored the above commen
  3. To cut a long story short I had a single policy with the following elements. Income Protection - Insurance will return payments plus interest Critical illness Benefit- Insurance will return payments plus interest Life Insurance - Will not return premium The income protection policy was sold when completely unsuitable when reading the glossary, circumstances salary was only 7K and the policy glossary recommended a salary of at least 10K, should not of been sold this part of the policy. On the basis that its a single policy and one element is so fundamentally flawed should
  4. as change of address and complied with - DX your right I am obscure with explanations.
  5. Hello DX Something to pass onto other CAG user requests regarding refinancing loans with PPI. Spoke today to FOS - Informed me that parts 1 & 2 can be dealt with regarding personal loans with Lloyd's, As to part 3 Egg loan and refinanced Lloyd's loan they will not take on the case as its a another party and should be dealt with separately. So DX your initial thought is correct - big shame otherwise I would have right up till 2012 from 2001
  6. Also just sent SAR today to HFC for credit card, with personal details as address - provided them details to ensure SAR compiled with ...
  7. With HFC Marbles Card Couple of agreements: Finance agreement on furniture - HFC? Finance on Kirby Hoover - Put aside can't remember if Clydesdale bank or HFC £600 PPI on £1200 finance Some paperwork suggesting finance agreements which I have not investigated further Leaving all these bits and pieces till major PPI claims resolved or with FOS SAR'd current account for the last twenty years gonna reveal bit more. How did you get bite?
  8. Hello DX See your - a sort of fire-fighting role here. Hate HFC & their compulsory PPI ethos Care to elaborate mate, got bits and pieces (small accounts) for years with HFC (not bothered looking into yet) but get the feeling what you say applies to them all. Thanxs
  9. Hello DX, know your gonna have a chuckle over this. Marbles Credit card - believe on-line application 2001-2002 - card closed 2007-2008 still have some statements What chance if any of getting ppi back.
  10. After a little rooting it looks as though the business loan was paid off before the initial first personal loan. Now just wondering if a loan is refinanced but not with the same Bank is it still worth trying to reclaim refinanced PPI?
  11. Sorry here is an explanation, hope its kind of clear and not obscure Business Loan Bank (A) - One of the exclusions means could never claim on it. - mis-sold PPI Bank (A) - States we accept the insurance was mis-sold, but because you have not got the business account to refund it too claim rejected, Ltd Co dis-solved Personal Loan (1) Bank (A) - Repays remainder of Business loan, this loan (1) has PPI on it again mis-sold Personal Loan (2) Bank (A) - Repays personal loan (1) this loan (2) has PPI on it again mis-sold Personal Loan (3) Bank (B) - Repays personal loan (2)
  12. Whoosh you lost me there mate, lol don't really help with getting an idea on what to write when reclaiming, but at least I can now giggle at my past mistakes. Thanks
  13. Thanks DX FOS and you think the same, but I get the feeling now that the reason the settlement for the personal loans was "Bank A" Hope I don't realise I have a PPi, onto a PPI onto a PPI onto another external PPI loan and then a re-mortgage What I am thinking is "Deny first business loan" so the PPI starts with second personal loan and finishes with third personal loan? hence payment before letter.
  14. You already guessed - may have to have user id changed. Worse still I might as well complicate matters even further. I had a business loan "non-cancellable agreement" with first bank, one of the exclusions was must work for the company for at least 16 hours per week. Anyway's - first bank state we agree your insurance was mis-sold, but because you Ltd has been dissolved we cannot correct the mistake (not what the FOS state) mis-sold is mis-sold. But I get the feeling that the first personal loan may of been used to pay some of the "Business Loan" too - but needs confirming
  15. Yes sir you hit the nail on the head. Wish I could summarise it like that.
  16. Hello once again DX Thanks for your help, but previous threads are not really related to this one. If I posted all the issues with general insurance and credit cards loans and even pension there would be about 15-20 theads. Been such an idiot. PS gonna use the donation link when son gets up, figured out about donation - just never used PAYPAL.
  17. Sorry also forgot to mention after 4 years out of 7 paying the last loan refinanced again with a re mortgage..thankfully no form of ppi.......Should this last part also be included?
  18. Hello one and all Site donation due, but can someone please provide instructions on how to please I received a payment from the Bank before I even received thier letter with regards ppi on a loan and then refinanced with another loan provided by them. EXAMPLE Loan 1 PPI (Bank) Loan 2 PPI refinanced PPI (Bank) Problem is refinanced again with another loan not bank Loan 3 PPI refinanced loan (Egg loan - ppi on this loan already paid back) What and should I, write back to my bank and state, as I have no idea how to explain the above and whether they are even r
  19. Lol from reading the forum - sorry about the confusion.
  20. Thanks Slick Free reading the forum with regards to statements a SAR looks pointless in my particular case. I mean statements from 2002 - 2007 I might just get the last years of statements. Does it look like a court case to get the statements from BC then? as it appears they will not play by the rules on charges. Thanks in advance
  21. Hello Had a very nice conversation with a young man from Barclaycard this evening because he informed me that my old Barclaycard had PPI and was mis-sold. He mentioned that the offer letter had been sent to my old address, and now he will send the letter to my correct address. The only problem is, he states a figure of about £600-onwards in PPI payments and totals to about £1500 with interest. I know its absolute rubbish offer as I have too many statements with PPI £25 approx Exceeded Limit £20 Late Payment Charge £20 My question is should I be contestin
  22. Thanks DX for the peace of mind. In the above instance its just the monies I paid for an insurance policy which they got wrong. which now they to want claim half of it back, wondering can they try an just take it from my account? But it seems to me that they are playing these same type of games with regards to other legitimate claims.
  23. The problems with Lloyd's continues... The are now sending me documents which have been fabricated to support their claims with regards other issues with later insurance. They are even now after me for monies after paying out on one claim and deciding they want half of that payment back! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?380137-Insurance-agreed-debited-wrong-amount-**-RESOLVED-SATISFACTORILY**&p=4152653#post4152653
  24. The following link is also related to my issues with Lloyd's. This also shows how I am being treated with regards to other claims. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?383063-Self-employed-PPI-claim-rejected-Lloyds&p=4150467#post4150467
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