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  1. Ok so had no reply, ow do I push for full removal, through continuing to exchange emails with united utilities or do i now go further? CAB, Small claims/ THANKS IN ADVANCE.
  2. Thanks for that makes interesting reading! meant to say Consumer advisor don know where legal came from! I'll set out an email tomorrow pointing out the similarities to that case, and that I shall be pushing for further removal rather than a change of score, thankyou for your help
  3. Brilliant, thanks for answering. Im going to reply by email, so do you think I should mention after consulting a legal adviser I shall be challenging to have the data taken off my credit file completely and that £81 compensation is not enough for a breach of date management. Or should I keep quiet and go through other channels such as small claims? Just not sure of my next step, thanks
  4. For those that can be bothered, this is my other thread - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?440550-United-Utilities-have-messed-up-my-credit-report.&p=4691260#post4691260. To cut a long story short, united utilities kept on trying and failing to set up my new direct debit with my new bank for around 6 months, they blamed me, I blamed them, its gone back and forth and now this week they have finally admitted it was down to their processing error. This left me with a 6 marked on my credit file which i wanted removing as it was not my fault.
  5. Thanks for all that info, something for me to be going on with rather than feeling a bit lost/Useless! I have so far managed to obtain my mobile phone records going as far back as October and have several calls from them to me and lengths. I always make notes anyway whilst on the phone to companies 9Watched my mum for many years so always take after her now!). When I called them this morning I was told by an advisor that my compaint had been logged and that my account is on hold due to it. I asked to him to read through every phone call and check the notes with which I had made. The
  6. Ok Ive sent a customer complaint email quoting the above, Also have had confirmation from Sky that my itemised Phone bill can be claimed through online services so will have to figure that out to have the evidence of contact. So what should my next move be? Do I give them more time to answer now Im gaining the evidence or as someone mentioned above do I just to go the Small Claims court. I honestly dont care about compensation if Im honest I just want this removed from my credit file so would that also be the outcome from the small claims court, or would I have to do an alternative proce
  7. Hi, and thank you for replying, We get an E version of the phone bill, I shall have to check it out though if it will go that far back to let me print out. I told each and every person who had called me that I had been over this process before and gave them the approx times. They never told me if they could see a log of the calls though. No, I didnt recieve any correspondence to let me know either the Direct Debit had been cancelled -and If this was the case then surely my bank would have known it had been cancelled, as it stands I assume it just wasnt set up correctly. So wha
  8. Sorry It is still me! Had my email account hacked so unable to get into my other account!!
  9. Hi Just thought id post again, as expected not had a reply at all, Any idea what Ii should do next? Vix
  10. Thankyou both so much for replying. Right I will get a letter drafted today and sent out to the current CEO and financial CEO pp's in also, and let you know if i here from them in a couple of weeks.
  11. Last year around May June I switched bank accounts from Barclays to Santander. I changed all the direct debits over myself (yes i sat on the phone for over an hour but was so paranoid about something going wrong if i left it up to the banks to do so for peace of mind I did it myself). Turns out I shouldn't have bothered! The only 1 that I had a problem with was United Utilities. I received a letter early September, followed by a phone call the same day saying I was in debt of around £120. My direct debit had apparently been cancelled by the bank. No chance I sai
  12. Long time no speak..... well let me start by saying i've sent at least 4 letters since i last posted, not to mention the numerous phone calles while waiting on hold for hours on end. Today though i have recieved a letter explaining that due to an administration error this was somehow placed back onto my credit file. They have admitted it was their mistake and have sent a letter to the registry trust asking for it to be removed, so hopefully that should be taken from my account with the next 2-3 weeks (although i expect it will take longer!) But just wanted to say thanks for helping m
  13. Its the case number from the court, dated from may this year. This is getting weird now, but am really worried, Can someone just fill out these court forms for me without my knowledge?
  14. Can i just check something, Ive just logged onto experian just to check again and noticed the case number is completely different? Could someone have filled out these forms on my behalf or would the case number of changed over time. I've not had any documentation whatsoever from any company or the courts and have lived at this address quite some time now. Starting to get worried that someone has used my info somehow?
  15. That would be great, i really appreciate all your help. what else would you need to know?
  16. Ive just found the paperwork for this, benefits agency £779 the rest was split between freemans catalogue and Look Again, total amount £1148. started 28th feb 1998. After counting the receipts looks like the total i paid the courts was £280 over a period of 2 years. Then thats when i lost my job and returned to uni so had no money. After a few years the benefits agency contacted me to start me paying it back. I ignored that but when i left uni and came to claim jobseekers they stopped my money until i had agreed to repay the amount throug
  17. Yep! about £120 actual debts the rest were court and solicitor costs. Would of been fine if id of had a job, just paid it off but i was "advised" to get an admin order to stop bailiffs harassing me. Worst thing i ever did was listen to that advice as its still haunting me now!
  18. Sorry i should have made it clearer, the admin order was taken out when i was 18, im now 32 so thats really the reason im worried as I thought it came off my file after 6 years or from when settled. 14 years on its now reappeared again and im concerned as to why?
  19. Hi, I used Experian today, previously been checking on equifax only and its not and still isnt showing up on equifax only experian for some reason. It says the court name and under information source states it was from court registry Ltd. As i said i paid back some within 2 years id say approx £300, then i lost my job so had to claim jobseekers allowance for a few months, while on this though the benefits agency said it would be stopped if i didnt pay back what i already owed so i had to pay back small amounts to cover this, i've paid these amounts ever since and have approx £100 ;eft t
  20. Just looking for some advice on this issue so i know what steps to take to get it removed, I got into trouble when i was a lot younger which resulted in my mum making me take out an administration order from the courts. It was made up from 3 creditors, 1. The benefits place for around £700 2. a catalogue for around £300 3. another catalogue for around £200. I was 18 at the time, still in college and didnt really have any money to pay catalogues back, The benefits thing was that during a period of not working i claimed jsa, but my mum was still claiming child benefit which we
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