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  1. hi thanks for your replies - certainly giving me a lot to think about - can you help me on another point - I went into default in 2002/03 on various credit cards I think most had PPI but can I get any information to confirm payment of PPI as it is such a long time ago - see people mentioning banks only going back 6 years if you send a SAR which I think costs £10 - someone suggested to me just sending of PPI claims and seeing what happens - can you do that? - thanks for your help can I just Atvika if I paid PPI - would they know and would they just tell me
  2. hi thanks for your replies - I did wonder but perhaps this is a stupid idea - whether as there is no CCA I could ask Atkiv to accept a payment in settlement of the debt (they have written on occasions saying I could clear the debt for £500 but I can't raise that) - I could raise about £50 from a family friend I found it very difficulty dealing with my creditors & Payplan was suggested as a way of moving forward & it has helped a lot but perhaps I need to rethink things a bit now thanks for any help you can give
  3. hi the dmp is with payplan so no fees - they did suggest that they did the PPI claim through I think an associated company but as I had already started I said I would see how I got on - I've been paying although not always very much ever since the debt defaulted back in about 2002/03 - I have only recently found out about asking for CCA etc & I have read about not paying if they cannot supply you with a CCA but I would not want to muck up my payplan agreement - would they be happy if I stopped paying if there was no CCA? thank for any help
  4. hi yes am paying this debt through DMP - the original debt was I think for about £2,500 - it is reducing but only very slowly now as at the moment only paying £1.50 per month - thanks for your interest
  5. Hi new to this forum so hope I am doing this right - in a DMP and have been advised by the DMP people to check any PPI misselling - I know I did have PPI but no longer have any paperwork - wrote to Atkiv who took over the Goldfish account some years ago requesting copy of credit agreement for Goldfish & they replied: in view of age of this account the original creditor is no longer able to supply the documents requested and we therefore request your proposals by return - can anyone advise me what they mean by this and what I should do next
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