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  1. apex e mailed me they are no longer dealing with my account and have cancelled direct debit what now?
  2. why can bank say they have deducted charges when account has already been put to apex
  3. checked my bank online last requested date was 15th November was royal bank loans which had ppi on them 11 in total have reclaimed ppi but not happy as they say they have used some monies to offset charges i have to sar them to get details and pay £10. got back £2224.00 ppi on one loan and various other very low offers which i have not accepted. i also have bank charges on account to claim back. i no longer bank with RBS. have used money received from ppi to pay mortgage arrears, now up to date, council tax arrears still ongoing have made a plan to clear over two years as benefits were calculated wrongly. Had to give up my job due to high blood pressure 2010 my husband works and we receive Working tax Credits and child tax credit.
  4. have agreement with apex to pay 60.00 a month for RBS loan debt by DD they have not taken decembers payment due on 15th have only discovered after checking bank statement online. Office closed yesterday sent a contact form yesterday no reply do i pay this by debit card myself and request standing order details as i have had a funny phone call asking about my dyson when i answered i don't have a dyson they hand up think they might be starting court action any advise please i did not break my agreement they did not collect dd as agreed any advice please
  5. hi having problems with apex agreed to pay 60 monthly taken by dd from my account no december payment has been taken should i pay it by card and cancel dd and write to them requesting standing order details as have had a funny phone call from someone asking for me about my dyson when i said i don't have a dyson she hang up funny i haven't had a phone call from apex as payment was due 15 december think they might be going to court any advise please
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