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  1. I haven't had it checked for repair but I've been reading forums on the web and I can see other people have also have had issues with Samsung's power supplies. I've replaced it once and I belive if I get it fixed I think its only a matter of time before it will break down again. I can't see it lasting me too long as I believe there is a design fault in the product and the replacement parts seem to have it as well
  2. The laptop was just over 2 years ie 25-26 months when it first developed the problem I bought it for £575 then bought another power supply for £25 at around 26 months to fix it and it lasted for about 3 months before it broke down again I told them that I would accept £300 as a compromise to which they said no I then said if they were willing to provide a new power supply with the compensation I would accept that to which they have said no.
  3. I bought a Samsung laptop from Tesco's for £575 which went faulty and bought a new power supply to fix it costing me £25 and within a few months broke down again I contacted Samsung and got them to admit via email they would expect the Laptop to have a reasonable lifespan of 5-6 years. Based on Samsungs response I contacted Tesco's telling them I want 2/3rd of my cost re-imbursed as the lasptop had only lasted third of its time ie £400 back taking into account the £25 ive spent on a power supply Tesco initially offered me £179 and then increased it £225. I said I would settle for £300 but they won't increase the offer saying they have used industry standard calculations to arrive at this figure Should I just take the money or take them to small claims court ? Would I have a good chance of winning if I claimed for £400 ?
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