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  1. Hi. I signed up to sky in Dec 2014, and was offered a galaxy tab 4, which I received. On top of that, because I was referred, the referee was told that they, and I, would receive a £50 voucher (tesco, sainsburys or M&S). Neither of us received them in mid Jan this year, so I called up on their behalf (as I was there), and enquired. They authenticated themselves with their personal details, and I confirmed what they wanted (the £50 tesco voucher) and confirmed what I wanted (the £50 sainsburys voucher). A month later, they received their voucher as promised and I didn't. I called to enquire and was told that "this offer isn't available if you took another offer i.e. the galaxy tab". I called up the customer response team, which promptly told me that I wouldn't be receiving it. Part of me moving to sky from who I was, was this offer (and referee offer) in the first place. They told me that you can't have two offers, just one. My question is: 1) What can I do about this? I'm now stuck with a company which has horrible support, slow and iffy internet; which I was told is the "norm" by their own staff 2) Do I have grounds to leave them for another company based on the fact that they did the "bate and switch" on me when it came to offers? Any advice would be helpful! Cheers, A
  2. Hi, Thanks for replying. I will as soon as they re-open after the new-year. What paperwork should I bring with me given that I've already provided everything from bank statements to company accounts. I even went as far as providing them with my paypal statement (which they asked me for). What also concerns me is being 2 months behind on rent now. I haven't received any notifications from my letting agent, but things could go terribly wrong. On the off-chance that they do, can I hold the council liable for their erroneous decisions? THanks, Ade
  3. Hi, About 18 months ago I opened up a LLC which stopped trading 1 year after it was formed, but because there is debt which needs to be resolved I couldn't just close the company. Unfortunately the company made NO money and upon agreement with the people the business owed the debt to, they were happy for me to have the company struck off, which has already been applied for. During those 18 months I was in receipt of Housing Benefit whilst not receiving a salary. Throughout the 18 months, the Council were adiment that I was 'self employed' as opposed to being 'employed as a director' so they requested all of the company books, account statements as well as my own personal ones. I did this so I could remain transparent and show that I was being 100% honest with them. Recently I received a letter from the council stating that ALL HB and CT has been stopped because: Their letter reads: 1) I dont understand why they had to use 'adverse inference' as I have given them all of my bank statements, the companies bank statements, the company books (literally all of them) and did this every 3 months to ensure that I remained transparent. 2) How would advise that I contest this? I've provided more than enough evidence to show that the company has made no profit and that I have not drawn any salary. 3) They've backdated this claim to over 2 months ago! They paid rent directly to my letting agent... If I get warnings about 2 months arrears due to their fault, is there anything I can do on that front? 4) How do I drum it into them that I am NOT self employed, but rather employed as a Director of a Limited Company. I've also shown that the only money I'm receiving is my working tax credit and DLA. I've also shown that alot of my personal money is put into the company (as it stands the company directors loan account stands at near to £1000) . Some advice would be really helpful as I intend to face this head on and at full force to get it resolved. Hope you can help! Ade
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