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  1. When I first joined TopCashback I received a confirmation email for each transaction. Now all that has stopped and I have to clain cashback for each transactio. I took out out Argos Pet Insurance in Jan 2015 and put in a claim in Feb 2015 with no result at present. I quoted the policy number in the claim so exactly what proof do they need. Does anyone know the legal situation ie who pays the cash back and can Topcashback say we have'nt got our commision so we cannot pay uou. Thanks
  2. Surely his message puts him on the wrong side of law as he appears to have committed fraud. Perhaps the police should be asked to look at it again.
  3. I am afraid that the way ebay is now carrying on is creating a frauds charter. A seller with 100% feedback sold an item but then realised he had put the wrong photo in his listing. Same model - but different livery. He contacted the buyer and told him to return the item if he was unhappy for a full refund including return P&P. The buyer refused to return the item without a refund first. The outcome was ebay refunded both the buyer and seller so no one lost out. The buyer however gained a free item. Ebay also makes sellers refund buyers for lost item before the time a carrie
  4. THanks Their T&Cs state I would be responsible for P&P costs unless the item is faulty or wrong item sent. Do you consider sending a branded item different from that advertised is a wrong item.
  5. Thanks by credit card
  6. Hope I have put this in the right place. I recently ordered an item from a company that mostly builds their own products. I find if you buy something from them paying say £300 then the product is of a standard that it would cost at least £100 more with a brand name. The item was listed under their own name but when it arrived it was a branded product and with the lower price it is not as good as I expected based on my earlier comment. I have also found it cheaper elsewhere. I have contacted the company but the time of year could be delaying their reply. Could anyo
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