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  1. Hi All, There are a few threads here which talk about train fares going to court, but all seem to have their own little quirks making them unique. Any advice on my situation would be much appreciated. A few weeks ago I received a note from a court across the country saying I owe a £200 fine. Upon contacting the court they said it was for not presenting a valid rail ticket. I do recall the incident 18 months ago, when I was a student I was stopped and found to be carrying an out of date railcard - the new one had been posted to me by the NatWest but I hadn't gotten around to putting it in my wallet yet. The ticket inspect told me that I'd be sent a penalty fare (£20) and would have the opportunity to appeal or pay it. Fair enough I though - I hoped the railway might accept the appeal as I did indeed own a valid railcard but was prepared to pay the £20 for the simple mistake. The inspector wrote my address down from my driving licence, but I also gave him my term-time address in his notebook as this would make picking up the penalty fare easier, and I went on my way without any sort of receipt. Weeks turned to months and I forgot about the issue, assuming the railway had let this go - after all it's a £3 discount on a train fare we're quibbling over. Little did I know, however, that address I wrote in that notebook hadn't made it's way onto an envelope correctly enough for the postman to find me, and without a response the TOC had sent the issue to court. So, a year and a half later, the court sent me a letter (to the address on the driving licence) demanding £200. Having been in touch with the TOC, they've advised me to complete a statutory declaration stating that I didn't receive any notice about the court proceedings. I have an appointment to do this at my local court next week. What can I expect now? If the offence is returned to the railway, couldn't they just prosecute me again leaving me still with a £200 fine? Would they likely settle out of court the second time around, if so, what should I expect - a £20 penalty fare or likely substantially more? This seems quite unfair as the mistake is theirs. Finally, I am about to start a new job. They will do a credit check and criminal record check on me. Will this show up? I will of course tell them anyway just in case, but if I have a criminal record they'll probably not be happy! Do I? Any advice on what action I should take and what outcome I can expect would be much appreciated. Many Thanks,
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