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  1. Thanks for the advice! The bank have said 'no' on the basis that the information is there; they did say that if I can prove its wrong they will overlook it as everything else is hunky-dory and we have a sizeable deposit. It's just getting it removed that I am concerned about as its obviously having an effect; the bank should be easy to convince but it future credit applications that I need to think about.
  2. Hi I am pretty new here (in fact, totally new) as I have never had a reason to write on a forum before. However I need some help with EON and an account they have opened in my name. A bit of background; about a month ago I got a call from a local authority saying they needed to talk to me about a council tax bill. I called them back and it was for a property I moved out of in November 2011. I queried the bill saying I had informed them I had moved out but the very nice lady told me that in June 2012 the landlord had written to the LA to tell them I was responsible for the bill up until September 2012. I had previously lived in the property from Dec 2004 - April 2010 and then in August 2011 moved back in. As I had known the landlord for many years I signed up for 12 months but after a week or so of moving back in our relationship detoriated very quickly. He did not provide me with the details of who was keep my deposit safe, he was not fixing things that were wrong in the property (including the wired in fire alarms) and in September we agreed to go our seperate ways. I told him I needed a couple of weeks to get things sorted so agreed to keep the property to November 2011 and then hand it back. The 1st November came and went and I handed the keys back; told the LA, Electricity, Phone etc. Whoever has moved in has obviously not paid the council tax and the landlord must only have my details so sent a copy of the 12 month tenancy agreement to the council. Kindly the council agreed with me and wrote the landlord stating he had 14 days to prove that he had received rent payments from me since October 2011 or he would be liable. This deadline has passed and I am not responsbile for the bill. As for EON, I applied for a mortgage with my partner and we were turned down. The underwriter told us it was an oustanding electricity bill that is more than six payments behind. Quickly I logged onto Equifax and sure enough there is an account, opened in June 2012 (same time as the council tax) for the supply. A quick call to EON and they confirmed that the landlord had sent them a copy of the tenancy agreement for showing I still lived there until September 2012; despite me telling them (and indeed paying) my final bill in November 2011. They have asked me to prove I was not living there, which I can do via council tax bills, utilities, etc that clearly show I was responsbile for another property from mid-September 2011. Can they just do this? Will it affect my credit rating? By mutal agreement we ended the tenancy early and it would now seem that since June 2012 the landlord has been using my details to make me responsible for debts which I was not responsbile for; how do I stop this being the case? Strangly someone has been paying the bill off (all be it sporadically and slowly) but it has left me feeling very confused. I probably should contact the water board thinking about it!
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