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  1. Thanks, I'm off work on Tuesday so I'll get it sent then!.
  2. I paid the last DD in March 2016 and cancelled the DD in April just before it was due to come out.
  3. Yeah it was 2014. I don't know why I typed 2015 - sorry for any confusion.
  4. Yeah it was a twelve month one, but obviously the contract is up and it'll be month to month now.
  5. I went precisely once for my induction in September 2014.
  6. Hi, I did something a bit daft and need to know where I stand. I joined Xercise4Less in August or September 2015, went once and promptly forgot about it things got very tight this month and I was looking at my statements trying to figure out what to cut so nothing would bounce and was all "oh yeah, gym, I should cancel that" Looked around for my member details and couldn't find them. Cancelled the DD anyway since it would either have bounced or caused something priority to bounce. Figured I'd get a letter which would include my membership info and then
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