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  1. I mean are you saying everyone should take any job no matter what even if it's exploitative and demeans the person even more than they feel they are without a job, is that an improvement on a persons circumstances I don't think it is I thinks it's one of those specious ideas. I mean let's take the case of a slave there is this opinion that being a slave in a financial sense just because it's a job for him or her to do that he's better off in that job I really do find that idea specious.
  2. I don't understand the point your trying to make it's not fully made.
  3. They are corrupt I'm afraid to say it but I once considered myself to be living in one of the best run and fairest countries in the world but now I don't see how it's any different from any of the most badly run countries and it seems hypocritical to me when I see the BBC reporting on corruption in India and Pakistan etc. I think to myself clean our own country up first then we can talk about dishonesty and corruption and harrassing the sick and the disabled and in some cases contributing to their deaths by giving them enormous amounts of stress to deal with on top of life threatening illness well I'm ashamed of Britain and probably is why break up of the union and Independence for all involved seems the likely course for the UK.
  4. I went into Ingeus the other day and was asked to join the website just like I was asked to join Universal Jobmatch but they more expect you to say yes to these two big brother style snooping tools designed for expressly that purpose than allow you to get away with a flat refusal. So I joined both to save any argument and for an easy life if interference in your life until you get so sick of them a job at minimum wage fifty miles away with transport costs making the job uneconomical can be seen as an easy life. So far I've only had one lot of jobs sent to me by my adviser and they are all part time jobs about fifty miles away or in care homes or other such jobs I don't have the temperament for jobs like housekeeper I mean I'm a man for christ sake my friends would make my life a misery if I became a housekeeper or a domestic flipping assistant, care maybe but as I said I don't have the temperament for a lot of these jobs they think they can press gang me into, doubt I'd last a month. Anyway I sorted the lot of them and it turned out every one of them are jobs already being advertised on the proper websites who's business it is to be in the advertisement role of advertising jobs and making a living out of it. So I don't see the point when I can just search for the jobs myself I see it as just their way of snooping and checking up on you as they are getting a bit desperate now the first years figures have proved they don't do a damned thing to earn their money they take the credit for things that would have happened anyway don't they ? Universal jobmatch is the same I used to just search the site and was never a member now I have to log in and they expect me to give them a reason if I don't apply for a job I look at but I just ignore the box I wouldn't waste breath telling them my reason for this that and the other it's none of their business you should be free to browse any website without having your neck constantly breathed down. It's all big brother style nonsense I mean you have to laugh at Ingeus claim that their website is designed to make you more independent - by taking your discretion away from you and telling you what job's your suitable for I fail to see how that makes people more autonomous in their job searching activities. It might not happen for a decade maybe longer but I surely do hope one day these people will end up on the right side of a court answering for all the laws and common based laws etc. that they are utterly disregarding, huma rights law being the obvious one that springs to mind but we all know what the tory party think of commoners having human right's it's just not on when it comes to private profits.
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