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  1. I was suffering a lot of harassment from my jobcentre (in addition to my landlord): my adviser was all the time trying to make me NOT sign (pretesting for example that his computer is over, give me just one job ad while in the system he had assigned two on my profile). Previously, I have applied to JSA that took a month and half before to receive any benefit (by using a citizen advice bureau). However, since I refuse to be dependent to this kind of organization (dwp) I prefer to re-register for JSA instead of ESA (and try to find a job in the month) and to try to manage my sickness as I d
  2. In fact, i mean something that could replace the esa (that they are refusing for me) and my £300 for rent.
  3. Hi all, Due to sickness I am trying to get a one day per week volunteering work. However, all I have found are organizations that want me to work for full time (I have not told them about my sickness (chronic headache)). Obviously, for the purpose to take zero risk, these potential employers want me to develop a software for them (since my previous jobs involved information technologies skills)....but all free. Since I really do not know the rules for the volunteering work, i would like to know if i have to sign a contract (even they will not pay me) and have a mandato
  4. I do not understand your last post, but all i can say is that due to my sensitive situation I don't think it is wrong to try have different point of view from others (others forums) and I hope the solution I have chosen will give me at least two months (since I am trying to find a job in despite of my sickness (one day/week volunteering work that could lead to a paid job (crisis + sickness)).
  5. Good advice by 45002? If yes, then you are joking . I hope you do not really think that I needed someone before to know that I have to leave a property where I am permanently harassed: I have asked help in filling a counterclaim for in this forum and nobody in this forum (comparatively with the two others forum (proudly shown by 45002)) was able to give any relevant except the 'do you know that you have to leave?', 'you may not have paid your rent', etc...useless comments for a very clear request. Please, as previously explained I am presently and it will be very great if you could n
  6. You really make me laught but sad at the same time : you should compare your 'advice' with advice given on other forums : totally differents (but of course you could as usual say that sky is green while it is blue...). Only you know the logic of showing that I have posted the same thread on other forum (if you think that i do not know that these links are easy to find using google) : for me your last post only says a lot about your own personality ('Op has posted same subject in three differents and also OP is wrong' : i am really sad for you....).
  7. Thanks but as I have the opportunity to make a counterclaim in my defense I will do it. Just a quick summary of your 'contribution' : a month ago when I asked someone to help me fill the n244 form you requested from the moderator (who was willing to try to find someone in forum to help me) to wait until I receive a confirmation from the court that there is truly a possession claim against me. Now, a month later, (after reception of a letter form the court regarding a possession claim)I am asking help in the forum to fill my defense form and all you are saying (despite of the fact I alread
  8. There is a queue isn't? And sometimes I had to call shelter several times (with my reference number) when i had new infos for the solicitor...and presently i would like to net get extra charges due to my sensitive situation. However, i may not have any other choices...and may call them tomorrow. I have made my calculation yesterday and it seems that my rent still presently up to date : i am waiting for the bank confirmation payments done to my landlord through my bank account. In addition to this I will give my last month mobile phone bill (the monthly fee deducted) to my landlord.
  9. No, last time the sent me 'Community Legal Advice' who use a 0845 number (and I had more that £100 as mobile phone bill) and the solicitor was taking all his time and did not really resolve the issue (i had to make a complaint against a police officer before to have the issue resolved).
  10. No, it is not in Northampton County Court. Presently I do not have a scanner and really sick so I cannot do the process above. The ground is : 'rent arrears'. In the 'Notes for defendant' it is said : 'You should : fill in the attached defence form and return it to the court within 14 days of receiving the claim form'.
  11. This means that the last day I can send it is 20 February 2013 (I have sent an email to the court yesterday when I have received their letter in goal to acknowledge receipt on 06 February 2013). In the claimant claim the further £40 does not occurs : only the £260/month (the original rent agreed : my bank statements of the first three months of the tenancy prove that was the rent I had to pay). The contract has not been amended : the landlord had just sent an email for this purpose but i have respond to him explaining that i agreed for the further £40 if the harassment stop...and
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