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  1. It's fine now, I spoke to them today and I think they may have been spooked by me asking about legal documents. They aren't willing to take it any further and just put a note in my file to say I had spoken to them. Thanks for the help, it's much appreciated, not only by me but also other members of staff regarding procedures.
  2. Thanks very much for the information. I will have a read through the attached files and request the information I need today. As for proof that other people do the same I will use my friend who is a supervisor as a witness at my disciplinary hearing who can reassure them this is something almost every member of staff does.
  3. Hey I'm currently facing disciplinary action at work and was looking through the previous posts on this site regarding the law with recording and watching members of staff. A few weeks ago I was put under investigation over taking an 'unofficial break' during work hours. I was in my department, had finished the majority of my work, it was a quiet day and the cameras had supposedly seen me sitting on the floor doing no work (sitting on the floor is quite common with many staff due to the bottom shelves being hard to reach while standing). I work for a large retail company who hire an external security company to monitor the cameras and have been told that the managers of the store are not allowed to use the cameras to monitor members of staff in order to discipline them; the cameras are there for security purposes. However, I find myself in a position where the camera has caught me not working for a short period of time and due to me sitting on the floor security have notified a member of management. My problem is that I'm 99% sure and as are most of my colleagues that managers have been using the cameras to catch members of staff not working. Yet in over three years of working for the company I have never heard of this action being taken place before. Not only that but it is common for members of staff to be standing around for up to half an hour at a time doing nothing yet no action has been taken by security to notify management. Is there any sort of way I have had my rights breached? If management are allowed to watch cameras and use them to take action am I being picked on due to nobody else having this action taken upon them considering I have a rocky relationship with some managers? Thanks for any information John.
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