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  1. Thanks guys, gonna get a letter drafted up and set over to them now
  2. Hi i bought a renaultsport clio from a dealer on 03/12/12 and picked it up on 07/12/12 after it had undergone a complete safety check. a few days after having the car i noticed that the right rear exhaust was hanging lower that the left one, so i had a look under the car and noticed that the mount seemed to be compreseed so i assumed that this was the problem. i was going to tell the dealer to see if they could fix it but i looked online and a new mount was only £6 but if i had taken it back to the dealer it would of been an 80 mile round trip so i decided to buy the mount and fix it myself. So i put the new mount on yesterday and it has not fixed and after looking further back the pipe isnt attached to the backbox and the whole joint has rusted away. I called the dealer and they said that they cannot do anything about it as it has gone past the 7 day warranty they give and because it was a trade in they do not cover it any more. When i asked why the safety check hadnt picked this up they just said that basically was just to make sure the wheels didnt fall off when i was driving away. Surely it must of been rusted fairly bad when it was looked at as ive only had the car a few weeks and i doubt that amount of rust can build up in that short amount of time. Im not sure where to go next though, i have raised a complaint with the head office but would the sales of goods act back me up as i think that the product was unsatisfactory when it was sold to me?? Thanks Will
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