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  1. Well the memory is not was it once was, anything more than 5 years ago may as well be in the dark ages... How bout this for a blast from the past used to love this programme, how sad am I skb
  2. Couldn't help myself YouTube - Whigfield - Saturday Night help!!!
  3. Finger Cream.(here) "Generally elongated parts of the body and dairy products when put together conjure unpleasant images. Finger cream, implies that this is cream that has been scrapped from fingers. The thought of a hypothetical chocolate covered version whilst probably a much better biscuit, is sullied by its inevitable name of "Chocolate Finger Cream". Eeeew." :o skb
  4. Yes they can. Report them to the Information Commisioner's Office here. skb
  5. It is only compatible for Sony Eriscssons im afraid, but is available here FJ Software Development skb
  6. Sony Ericsson PC suite is complete naff. I have a W810i and use MyPhoneExplorer which is far superior. Think it works for all Sony Ericssons and is availbale free ont' web skb
  7. VRM - Vehicle Registration Mark skb
  8. Not so for LloydsTSB, had a letter rom them recently stating that if a transaction is going to make you overdrawn you have until 15:30 of the same day to get the funds into your account, if you do this you will not be charged and the transaction will go through as normal. From Lloyds website (Lloyds TSB - Current account charges) Which bank is your neighbour with? if its Lloyds then clearly they have made a mistake skb
  9. Not to mention the grammar in that first paragraph is absolutely abysmal. skb
  10. I have a crapone card, and if its the interest that takes me over my limit then they never charge me. For all other transgressions, ie overlimit and late payment, they charge £12 skb
  11. If you were only observed for 11 min and you are allowed to park for 20 min, exactly what contravention has taken place???? or am I missing something here?? skb
  12. I must have a better credit rating cos they offered me 174.9 % APR
  13. Your sig will only show when you make a long post over a certain number of characters, and then only once on a page skb
  14. Hi Tom, I don't know if there is any law which says they must but having been in similar circumstances myself in the past they have always provided me with a taxi. skb
  15. Hi Sheilah It looks like cell F122 relates to the interest claimed between the date of service (ie date you start court proceedings) and the date of settlement, the date of settlement in the formula is represented by TODAY(), so will basically be meaningless until the day of settlement whereupon provided you do the below it will work. To get the cell to work properly you have to scroll up to cell K26, you will see that the cell contains a formula making it display todays date, you need to type over that with the date of service. The formula in F122 will then calculate the interest accrued between that date and the date of settlement (which will be sometime in the future, so basically when you get settlement you need to reopen your spreadsheet and it will automaticaly calculate this extra piece of interest). Hope that is clear, if not shout skb
  16. Hi Confused, I dont personnaly have any experience in setting aside a CCJ so cant help on that aspect BUT have you put a claim in against Egg for refunding of the charges? Whilst there is a test case putting bank charges claims on hold this dosent apply to credit cards. However I would hold off on putting a claim in until you have some better advice than I can give as it may be better as some form of counter claim to the original CCJ and aid in getting it set aside. As far as getting the CCJ removed you need a really compelling reason why you didnt contest it at the time, if the entirety of the debt was made up of charges im sure it would be a great deal easier to achieve. Im sure someone with more knowledge on CCJ removal will be along to advise you on that aspect. As far as where to send the N244 form it goes to the court which issued the judgement i.e. Northampton. Sadly I cannot help you with the content. skb One thing to get the ball rolling would be a S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) to egg just to find out exactly how much of the original CCJ was down to charges. The S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) letter you need to send can be found here. I would personnaly add a paragraph requesting copies of all correspondance relating to the account default and subsequent court proceedings (Oh it will cost you £10 for the data but is IMHO the best way to start any claim). Whatever you do DO NOT jump the gun, make sure you know exactly what your doing and have all bases covered before your issue any forms at court
  17. Hi Ang, From their T&Cs it says So given the circumstances with them ignoring your previous requests their computer probably flagged up that our account was being misused so they suspended your card. Fortunately they have realised their mistake and reissued with a new one. Their T&Cs for personnal banking can be found here: Legal information: privacy, term, condition, banking, code: HSBC Bank UK its a PDF sixth in the list skb
  18. Agree 100%. The cavalier attitude our data is handled especially, dare I say, by government agencies is deplorable. skb
  19. All seems to be working fine now. HAve no idea what has been changed to make it so. Hope urs is sorted now too PD skb
  20. Yes its on a work network. However i've been using it at work with no problems for the last 2 years. It last worked properly on the day before good friday, I then took the following week off work and when I got back on Monday (31st march) it started playing silly buggers. So basically something has happened within that time frame, and judging by what you said in post 12 I think its fair to say it is somehow related to that. Im at home now with an alcoholic drink so cant try anything else until Monday. Cheers for all your help so far skb
  21. Under the advanced tab of my internet options under security the use SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 are ticked if that helps any?? The use TLS 1.0 isnt tickedskb
  22. Yep, amazon works fine. You mentioned earlier something about moving from 82/tcp to 443/tcp, I dont know what these are really but might it be possible my computer isnt allowing access or whatever through the 443/tcp port and is there a way I can check or set it up to do this or am I talking b*llocks?cheers skb
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