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  1. Cheers GaryH all the best in your claim(s). Its trail blazers like yourself that make this easier for late comers like myself. Lloyds seem to be the worst of the bunch, just makes me all the more determined to go up against them. As far as im concerned they can take as long as they want cos I aint giving up and every day they stall is more interest in my pocket. I dont particularly relish the thought of going to court but i've read numerous threads on this site so am prepared and no im not alone. Was going to wait until this claim was settled before starting my next one against Barclaycard but given how long the whole process is taking im gunna start it now.
  2. Greetings One an All, Firstly a big thankyou for everyones contribution to such a great site, its making this process a whole lot easier. I found you via MoneySavingExpert.com Had been thinking about reclaiming my charges for a while but never quite got round to doing it. The last straw came in June when I received a letter from Lloyds telling me overdraft was due to expire at the end of the month and I had 28 days to find £700 to pay it back. After trying to extent it for a further year and being refused I paid a visit to my branch begging for help. After spending over an hour going through my finance the computer said no. The GF lent me £500 and I managed to scarp together another £150 so when they terminated my OD I was still £50 in the red - they then charged me £30 in OD xs fees for this oh so wonderful 'service'. Well now is the time for revenge. After a few months of the usual letters passing forth am finally waiting for Lloyds to submit there defence. Here’s my rather lazy timeline: 1st June 2006 – Sent Data Protection Act request via email. Received a letter back about 2 weeks later which I had to sign authorizing them to debit a tenner from my account for the privilege. 23rd June – Received statements and print outs of charges. They owe me £565, was hoping at the time they wouldn’t pay up so I could take them to Court and charge them interest and low and behold to the Courts we go. 5th July 2006 – Sent First Request for repayment of charges – received usual letter thanking me for contacting them (as if) and then politely telling me where to go. 26th July 2006 – Sent the letter before action and as expected got back the same letter everyone else seems to get. Our good friend Mr Just must getting a bit tired of constantly pressing that print button. Was a bit skint at this point so had to wait till payday (25th Aug) before I could file my claim. 25th August 2006 – Filed my claim through moneyclaim website. Thanks to everyone who has provided all the information to make this process so damn easy. At start of August received a further fine of £30 for a returned DD of £8.41, marvellous. I have added this to the claim. My total now including interest is £780 plus fees of £80 giving a grand total of £860. 1st September 2006 – They’ve acknowledged the claim and intend to defend it (would like to see them try). Lloyds will be defended by, surprise surprise, Sechiari Clark & Mitchell. They now have 28 days to submit they’re defence. Kind of hope they miss the deadline as I know they like to drag things on until the last minute an the cash would come in handy for chrimbo.
  3. This thread my help http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloyds-bank/1777-mjanet-lloyds-unconditionally.html
  4. Hi RB This is just another scare tactic lloyds are using, they're trying to say that since its a service they can charge what they like. Dont be put off by this the money is still yours and you'll still win. Send off the Letter before action ASAP, wait for them to refuse to pay up again then file a claim against them through moneyclaim website. Lloyds like to drag this process out as long as possible but in all cases to date have offered an 11th hour settlement.
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