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  1. You seem to be completely missing the point. I accept that Orange charge for the service of sending a delivery report. I accept that it is indeed in Orange's T&Cs. That is not the issue and is completely beside the point. The issue is that the T&Cs which bmp present as being the T&Cs of Orange do not contain this tariff. I will repeat that, the T&Cs which bmp present to new customers, who are then requested to read said terms WITH THE IMPLICIT EXPECTATION THAT THESE TERMS ARE CORRECT do not contain this tariff. It is therefore, by definition, a hidden charge and BMP are t
  2. Except that on check out you are presented with what are claimed to be Orange's T&Cs which you are requested to read prior to purchase. These are the terms that are agreed to. Thus BMP have a clear responsibity to accurately portray the terms of Orange. If they fail to do so then they should be able to be held accountable Ofcom would seem to agree with me: Mobile Mis-selling - FAQ | Ofcom skb
  3. To update the situ: Orange are maintaining their postitive and will not waive the charges. BMP have also responded via email with a typically bs reply that totally misses the point: Damn idiots. So what now? skb
  4. Sorry yes, my fingers must have been flapping on the number pad, it amounts to around £6/mnth which over 18 months is £108. The 1p per delivery msg on first glance seems like a piddling amount but it soon adds up. Its doubly annoying because my gf moved over from vodafone who don't charge anything for the same service. I am aware peeps might think we're digging our heels in over nothing but this is really ******** us off. Finances being what they are it was imperative that the monthly bill was kept at £40 so for it to leap to £46+ (and note that it could be more because 600 is the minimum
  5. ...and bmps T&Cs Buy Mobile Phones - Terms & Conditions skb
  6. Sod it, here the Orange T&Cs that bmp present as of 02:43 28/05/2010. If your using firefox do a ctrl F to search on delivery/text etc to save yourself reading through the whole lot. Uh, an mods feel free to remove the lot if I have violated anything. http://www.buymobilephones.net/info_terms.php?id=6
  7. Jut to be be clear it is not Orange that is at fault here. We had hoped that in a desire to retain customers they would waive/reimburse the fee but alas they are not willing to do so. What is at issue here is the disparity between the T&Cs as presented by bmp and Orange. I have taken the liberty of saving a copy (just in case they decide to get themselves upto date and change them) of the T&cs which bmp request you to read prior to accepting the contractual agreement which I more than happy to post here for the brains in the know to peruse skb
  8. I'm a wee bit typsy so forgive me for any rambling. To try and cut down on said rambling I shall utilise the power of bullet points (to save on typing from here on in buymobilephones=bmp).m Note that this is a wee bit complicated due to the fact that bmf dont seem to have a clue what the hell they are talking about. 1) The contract is past the 14 day get out phase. 2) On discovering the charge for the delivery notice she contacted bmf 3) Initially they were very dismissive thinking my gf was just being stupid. They did then go through the T&Cs which they present to potential Orange c
  9. My GF bought a mobile phone from buymobilephones at the start of march on an 18 month contract from Orange (Dolphin 40 + internet) at a cost of £40/mnth. During the purchase procedure she was presented with the Orange T&Cs which she duly read and accepted. On receiving her first bill in transpires that they charge 1p for delivery reports on text messages. This may not seem like a lot but when your sending 600+ msgs a month in soon adds up, and over the course of the contract will exceed £100. She queried this with Orange who stated that it is included in their T&Cs, and indeed it
  10. He laid her on the table, so white and clean and bear. His forehead wet with beads of sweat, he rubbed her here and there. He touched her neck and felt her breast, then drooling felt her thigh. The slit was wet and all was set, he gave a joyous cry. The hole was wide...he looked inside, all was dark and murky. He rubbed his hands and stretched his arms..... Then stuffed the xmas turkey skb
  11. In the event that the bank tries to just take all your benefits as they are paid into you account to recoup the £1000 you will need to file a Right of Appropriation. Hopefully it wont come to that, first things first is to listen to the voicemail skb
  12. I think that only applies if she was to go into a home within 5 years of transfer, but dont quote me... skb
  13. Your looking at a year, minimum. What are your injuries? Hope your not too badly injured and welcome to CAG skb
  14. When you paid the first time was it the full amount from the original dispute? There is no reason why you should be paying it again if this is so. skb
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