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  1. Hello, I'm sending my bundle off on Monday, I have included a witness statement. Would it be wise to also include a statement of evidence even though I was not ordered to do so? thank you rob
  2. My court bundle is ready and I am including a witness statement, Would it help my case to include a statement of evidence even though I have not been ordered to do so? rob
  3. super sweet thats what I was looking for, Thank you
  4. Hello, I am to produce a witness statement to go in my court bundle, Does anyone know if there are any guidlines on this anywhere in the website? Lloyds are using the "we are providing a service" defence against their charges.! please help thank you rob
  5. rob90

    rob90 V Lloyds

    Had my court date set for 24th April.! Bundle must be in by 16th Feb so doing that right now. A witness statement is to be included, does anyone know whether this the same thing as a "Statement of evidence"? cheers, rob
  6. Does anybody know whether there is a difference between "witness statement" and "statement of evidence" ??
  7. Had a hearing date set for the 5th March! Court bundle being prepared, I also have to include a witness statement with my bundle. Have many people been asked to do that? rob
  8. rob90

    rob90 V Lloyds

    Ok cheers for that Barty. Just spoke to the court and the case is still with the judge awaiting allocation, So looks like more waiting... Will post up what happens from here on. rob
  9. Hi there, So I'm just waiting to hear back from the court with regards to a date for the hearing, but I've been charged another £150 by Lloyds since I started my claim! Does anyone know whether you can add these charges on when I submit a court bundle? Or does the case need to be ammended? Also how long does it usually take before the court gets in contact after the AQ's are in because mine and the Lloyds soliciters AQ's were all in before xmas. Thank you for any advice..! rob
  10. ha ha cheers bong, still waiting to hear. it should be soon though, all aq's were in before xmas. Ill post it up when I know. Just been getting nervous because I haven't had any contact with b/card soliciters yet.
  11. absolutely, I know what i'm doing, just needed more detailed advice about the litigation side of things, tactics with solicitors etc. Your comment was extremely helpful thankyou
  12. hello there, I was under the impresion that "statements" means that you include a statement of the arguments from the claimant and the defendant. Is this wrong? Is it really as simple as just printing the bank statements that show the charges? rob.
  13. Hello there, I am just prepering my court bundle for my b'card court case and could do with some advice. So far I've not heard directly from b'cards solicitors at all, would it help my case if I were to write to them with another schedule of charges and to offer them a chance to settle out of court? Also, I have copied all of the relevent documents and correspondence etc, but does "statements" mean bank statements or is it a statement of the arguements like bong has posted in her thread? I think it's time i work this website out! I'll be keeping this thread going from now on so that the steps of another succesful case are posted in this forum.!
  14. ok, thank you. Thats helped a lot actually I never looked in my cp before!
  15. oh ok, so how do I send a PM? I don't know why but I've never really worked out how to use this website properly. Everytime I make a post I'm starting a new thread, Surely thats not right is it?
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