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  1. Didn't they send out a surveyor? If they'd done this, then in theory you shouldn't have had all the problems you've experienced. I've just a a full new kitchen fitted (it was finished 3 days ago) with another company and we had a sales rep to measure up and then a surveyor visit (which took a good 2 hours) before the fitting. We have not had any issues and any potential problems we might have faced were dealt with by the surveyor.
  2. ChChing

    NHS Dentist

    Hi I'm unsure if anyone can help me or has any experience of this, but I thought I'd give it a try. I currently am one of the 'lucky' people who still has an NHS dentist (after being on the waiting list for nearly a year.......). Anyway my NHS dentist sees a lot of private patients also and I always get the feeling everytime I go that I'm being sold expensive treatments which are only available for private patients etc... I do decline politely as it's usually cosmetic treatment and not necessary. The dentist is very pompous (IMHO) and can be downright rude and my appointments
  3. You may well be able to prove 'beneficial interest' in this case, however you will need to go to court to prove this. Beneficial interest gives you the right to occupy the property, make the mortgage payments and also obtaining a share of any equity if the property is sold. It can be quite difficult to prove beneficial interest and aside from this, you could possibly try and establish rights to estoppel. This basically means that the courts may give you a tenanc or a share of the property as you have relied on a verbal promise.
  4. OK an update...... Things have now moved on and stepped up a notch. M&D and my grandmother have had a hell of a few months. The neighbours have been blasting recordings through to M&D's bedroom nearly every night (starting at 2am then on the hour for about 3 hours) and it's recordings the tenants have made by listening in to everyday noises such as the washing machine and the telephone ringing and the cat meowing in my parents house. It's just ridiculous, it's like something you'd watch in a psychological horror film and not on a quiet cul-de-sac in suburbia! Where do thes
  5. Bankruptcy is probably your best option as you've got no assets. It'll also wipe the slate clean. It's a no brainer if you ask me.
  6. If your IP is considering making you bankrupt, then there must've been a clause and/or modification in your IVA proposal stating 'funds need to be retained for bankruptcy costs in the event of the arrangement failing'. Basically, what this is means is that if your IVA has failed, there'll be enough 'money in the pot' for your IP to petition. If this is the case, then it's likely that you will be bankrupted. Can you check your proposal and modifications to see whether there is this clause there?
  7. If it does go to court, will the fact that they've not responded within the protocol period go in my favour? I'm 'fighting' a very large well known company here and have a fear that they can do as they please because they are so well known. Thanks for your help
  8. Hi, just an update and another query. I've just heard from my solicitor and the 'protocol period' expires tomorrow. My solictor has advised that she will issue a 'procedural application to the courts' if she does not hear anything from the security firm. Whsat does this actually mean? Thanks
  9. Well I still have this claim ongoing through a solicitor. I've had 10 sessions of physiotheraphy and it's still ongoing and have now developed further complications to my arm and elbow as a result of this. My solicitors has advised me that they have until 24th October to issue a response, they've acknowledged the claim. I've not received a counterclaim or anything like that. If the security firm (one of the largest in the UK apparently) do issue a counter claim, what point in the proceedings does it happen? Also, there's now a possibility that the security staff I was manhandled by we
  10. Good news, I've just phoned them back and 'kicked off'! They've now decided to match the online quote. No clubcard points though. All's well that ends well! Still moving to Sainsbury's though!
  11. If I lapse the current policy (which ends midnight on Sept 30th), I'm going to be without insurance though? I need to get a new policy in place by 12.01 on 1st October.
  12. That's rubbish! They're going to lose a lot of loyal customers. On top of everything they've also stopped giving you clubcard point for car insurance also. Not a major factor, but as Tesco say 'Every Little Helps'! It's a shame as they offered the cheapest quote. Bye Bye Tesco, I'm also moving my weekly shop too! It's so annoying!
  13. Hi I've just received my car insurance renewal from tesco (I've been with them for over 5 years). I've never claimed and have 8 years protected NCD. Anyway, the annual renewal price has shot up to £401, normally I just renew it automatically but this was a massive increase from last year when I just paid £250 (ish). I did change my car in March and it only cost me an extra £19 for the year to do that which was fine. I started to get some online insurance quotes through go compare and was offered a price of £220 from Tesco! Hmmmmm. Anyway I decided to proceed as this was one o
  14. It's sorted. 6 beeps relate to it now being an 'all american' dash. It's only taken since march, but now resolved......
  15. Ok. VW don't know what these 6 beeps are - could be something to do with the change to an american dash. Anyway, they're going to investigate and get back to me on 15th August when I'm back from my holidays. Here's hoping
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