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  1. Will do, however I doubt that nobody on this forum hasn't used a comparison site beofre. After all, nowadays comparison sites play big role in the way consumers decide to purchase their products and services.
  2. WoWz that was not an advert but I see why you think so. Anyway I am still hoping I am going to get some decent replies! Btw dx your signature looks like a TV advert .
  3. Hello there, this is my first thread so apologizes if I make any mistakes. I am looking to make some savings on my Electrcity & Gas bills this year ( TV and phone as well hopefully ). I've been looking around the web for the best and came those which you all probably know. They all seem alright but I hope that I can find something better at the end of day. for example I cam across some guys who claim that they do all the research manually for you, which sounds pretty good, and they send you the results. Also what other "comparison sites" would you recommend(apart from the well known ones I mentioned already)? Thanks
  4. well I can't start threads yet!! : ( but anyway I'll keep it mind dx
  5. Hi guys, just to clarify something, aren't student loans, kind of, not necessarily repayable. I mean I have taken a student loan and if I don't make more than 20k a year I don't have to a penny and I don't pay the debt in 15 years the whole debt is discarded. Any opinions on that?
  6. Has any of you guys heard of agency which can "repair" your credit rating? ( A guy mentioned this to me while ago )
  7. I have the same problem ibscotty I wonder if you've made some resolution on the question?
  8. The same thing happened to me. They say its because those charges are for bills which have been incurred before you cancelled your direct debit.
  9. Well you should go to one of their branches and demand explanation and not leaving until you get one!
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