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  1. I'm 25 years old. I had a bank account with Halifax back when I was 15-16 and I went over-drawn by £5 and refused to pay the extra £25 they were demanding and thus they added it to my account. I told them to end my account and being so young and having no idea how the banking system actually worked (I left home and was fending myself at the time) and forgot about it. I've turned 25 and know exactly what jobs I want to do but I'm terrified of applying because they all ask to do a credit check of sorts. If I applied to these jobs, would my details be passed onto (I can only assume) debt collection agencies (if they haven't already) and would they be able to demand the money? I mean, there's 10 years on it and I know how extortionate interest rates can be. And also, what would a credit check show if a possible employer reviewed it? Any help would be received gratefully.
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