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  1. Exectly what I did do. Now have the refund and looking in the sales!
  2. Ordered a sofa in Reading in Dec11. After 10 months, three sofas (2 badly made and one the wrong size), 2 inspections of the faulty sofas (both agreed with us), 5 days off work waiting on deliveries/collections/inspections and endless chasing of 'customer services' - we gave up and asked for a refund. Which we got. No interest on our money and the compensation offered was £30 - in LA vouchers. I rejected that and the 'customer service' person withdrew the 'offer' immediately. Rude, no empathy and rigid process. Could not care less about the customer. Emailed the Chief Executive (to ask for a view on the standard of product and customer service we experienced). Got a reply from the customer relations manager - useless. I don't think LA care about their customers. I will never use them again and I caution anyone else to expect poor product & service.
  3. I tried emailing the CX a few weeks ago. The reply came from the UK Customer Relations Manager and was useless. Perhaps because it was her team I was complaining about! "I refer to your email addressed to Mr Kwan Cheong Ng, Chief Executive Officer. Mr Ng has asked me to respond on his behalf." Just about to post my own experience with LA - not good. A poor product ( 3 times) made worse by terrible service.
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