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  1. the issue is not 'she paid her arrears up to date and then they refused to connect her service'. the issue is that she admittedly was still in arrears and made an arrangement to pay this off at 50 a month until the end of the year so was always in arrears last year but they still would not connect the service out of goodwill. why not?? i can understand in most respects that when you are in arrears for anything it is cut off until you pay up to date but she was trying and having the monthly line rental adding up again, wy couldnt they reconnect???
  2. She signed up Jan 2012, I think. got in to arrears march if I remember rightly. Ended up in arrears for the rest of the year until cancelled this jaN. Paid at least 8 months with no service because was in arrears. the cancel charge went down the closer it got to end of contract, was 50 pounds in sept and 10 in december when i asked but just waited until the contract ended instead so as not to incur a charge. the issue is she was never up to date, she was paying 50 a month to clear the arrears but they said until the arrears were up to date they would not put the service back on, yet
  3. Hi, My mother has been having trouble with Talk Talk and just want to see if there are any grounds to claim back what she has paid. About a year ago, we signed up for a year membership for phone and it included free broadband. My mother admittedly got in to a bit of trouble and got behind on her payments and since around March earlier this year they have been less than helpful. They have basically made her pay the arrears but have not provided the service. She basically has paid them a few hundred pounds and we have not had a phone or internet service since March 2012. She tried to s
  4. hi, read all this with interest. Please keep us informed on what happens. I was thinking of joining them but certainly will not now. I hate how they do this and rope people in to costly memberships on false grounds.
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