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  1. Unfortunately I have already sent it back to them. Currently I think I'm a going to have to wait for something else to find out who I am to write to then hit them with the 5yr rule letter
  2. I had received a letter from adventis, who are apparently the same people as crown litigation, saying they had been assigned it on behalf of their client and would instruct someone legal to start procedings if I didn't respond. I think it went three to lowells to scotcall (I think) to someone else then to adventis and now county court litigation. I have never accepted liabilty, I am pretty sure I have never responded to any of the debt agencies. I once wrote to three to say that we were in dispute why were lowels contacting me, three said they had appointed lowels. I didn't think t
  3. Yea. I fell out with three about may 2007. Returned to uk in march 2008. So that's 5 yrs since debt started not 4ys I said before
  4. Should say debts gone from three to lowells to a few others to end up with County Court Litigation and so far I have just send all letters back unopened with "not at this address"
  5. In early 2007 I renewed my contract with 3 on the basis I could use my contract "abroad like at home" in line with their advertising at the time. I phoned 3 to ask, "does the 'use your phone abroad like at home work in australia'" to be told "yes australia is a three country". Those are the exact words used. I extended my contract on this basis. I went to oz with that in mind and happily used my phone for about 3months, first in sydney on the network 3telstra then up the east coast on telstra (networks auto selected by phone). In the summmer of 2007 my bank sensibly
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