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  1. I won't name the company I work for as they are a very well known company around the UK for their 'High Standards' of staff care, but I just don't feel like I receive this high standard.


    Since going part time (I say part time, its from working mon-fri to mon-thurs due to health issues) I have not received the same amount of care that I had previously received and I no longer feel a part of my 'team'.


    Management are hardly around for my team and the manager is also well renowned for not really caring about what the team does, whether that's just chatting between eachother not doing any work or just taking breaks when they want to.


    I don't feel I have been treated fairly in the fact that things are done very 'matter of fact' with me. This includes answers to the questions I ask, (ofcourse, I wouldn't have asked if I didn't want to know what the answer was but my manager sees this as something I should know apparently), I do not get updated on new proceedures, so do things wrong until someone on a DIFFERENT team tells me I am doing so and also, I have lost incentive payments off my wages, as apparently I have failed in some sort of aspect in my targetted job (I work in a call centre) but everyone else is aware of these things before their payslips come out so theres no shocks and also get monitored regularly at their desks but I get excluded from this and haven't received such attention for around 2-3 months. I was hitting my target until this new management come onto our team, now I haven't hit it or I have hit the target but one of my calls has been incorrect and I haven't received the feedback for it.


    I am now losing money and at the moment, every little helps.


    I am hoping someone will understand my frustrations, I just don't feel like I am being treated the way I should be, now I have been diagnosed with an illness and since I've changed my shifts to one day less.


    I feel like I am being singled out because I do have mental issues and I find it very distressing.

    It is like they have already sacked me but can't find a proper reason to do so apart from the fact I am of ill-health, which they know they cannot sack someone for, it has to be something more significant and it's like they are just waiting for me to slip up.


    I hope someone feels the same out there and that I can get some form of answer as to what I need to do going forward.


    Thank you everyone for your time and patience in reading this.

    I will look forward to your thoughts and replies.

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