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  1. Ive emailed the md outlining my situation, will just have to call them in the morning and go from there.. nice sleepless night ahead, will update tomorrow. Thanks again
  2. Hi, Thanks for the reply, i have another account i can be paid in but seem as im working i have all itention of repaying it which is why im still using their accounts. Im just really worried about my existing commitments and the fact im stuck at the other side of the country in a hotel im not going to be able to pay for.. and being able to work the rest of the month whilst keeping s roof over my head. Ive had a quick look at the link you supplied but cant make out whats relevant I will update tomorrow Thanks
  3. I believe nationwide have "set off" my wage, i owe then 2895 for a credit card debt from 2 years ago, ive only just started working and ive had my wages paid into my account then transferred them to my instant access saver account before i pay my bills Im away working in a hotel and was unable to see the account when i logged in to internet banking.. ive spoken to their customer services who have said that their recoveries team has frozen my savings account and i cant speak to them until tomorrow, they have taken/frozen my entire wage of nearly 2400 which has left me unable to repay monies ive borrowed whilst waiting for my 1st wage and my bills for the house.. i need to ring them in the morning but can anyone advise on this situation I believe it could be know as setting off from researching online.. obviously now workimg i intend to repay the debt but they havent contacted me about it and its my 1st wage.. i certainly cant afford to pay 2400 in one go!! In addition to this im 250 miles away from home, due to work the week with 20 in my account Any advice is very much appreciated
  4. I only Have the names on the receipts they are Mr xxxxxxx (not listed as being certificated or employed by marston group, The other was Mr xxxxxxx, there are 3 listed as working for marston Gp -
  5. re: pcn attended court today, sent my "out of time stat dec" - had to wait 3 hours to have it sworn in by the court, + cost £25. sent off tO traffic enforcement - surely they will see sense?? I called and they did say it can take them up to 5 weeks to come back with a decision? Also re my partners court fine she also submitted a stat dec which has been accepted, the ushers said the warrant will now be revoked & she will be re- summonsed to deal with the origanal issue at a later date. From what they where saying they will now contact marstons to recall the warrant so i know just need to work out recovering my cash from them + we do intend to follow this up with a formal complaint to the hmcts contracts manager + the local government ombudsman regarding Marstons & their representatives misconduct, going to draft my complaint over the weekend, seen as we are not really gonna be busy christmas shopping as been left skint by Marstons Re marstons w"wishing to look into this for me" absolutely laughable, I sent a sar request & made a telephone call to them both on the morning of the incident and both have thus far amounted to nothing, they must allready be aware of the case & are fully aware who i am. there cant have been that many tony c's who were robbed of £860 by them in chorley on the morning of 18/12 im relation to a pcn & his partners "hmcs" fine?? seems suspect?
  6. I wonder if when we make a claim for our monies we are able to add on extortionate fees for our troubles If im understanding you correctly re my partners issue, if they tomorrow accept & approve her "stat dec" that will then just reset proceedings against her? where does the initial fine lie then, is it settled through the money ive paid to the bailiffs? and I must then file a claim through the small claims court for the extorted fees? (claiming against sec of state & marstons)?
  7. we contacted the courts today & found that it my partners "hmcs issue"was indeed fine for failing to supply info relating to an old address council tax debt, my partner is due in court in the morning to give a statutory declaration - fingers crossed that will sort that! I spoke to the "tec" and have filled in forms pe2 & pe3, so i beleive I have to go with my partner in the morning to have them sworn in by the court clerk & then I have to return those to the tec where they will make a decision - hopefully that will resolve my issue is anyone aware of the timeframes I can expect to finalise these & get payment back etc?, & also how will I be reimbursed, by bailiffs?, will I need to chase them for payment etc really sound advice from everyone, really pulled us out of the s**t
  8. Thanks for finding that for us, I will get on to them in the morning & post back im really astounded at the response & the advice given - thanks all
  9. Hi, we are based in chorley - my unpaid penalty charge: - the applicant on my "warrant of execution" is lancs county council & is issued by northampton county court - My partners just says HMCS Lancashire on the bailiff cash receipt
  10. Thanks, I will call them in the morning regarding my pcn re my partners issue we are going to have to ring round the court fines offices i guess to work out where it is from really helpful comments from all of you, feeling a lot more positive about sorting this mess - thanks again
  11. thanks for taking the time to reply my case: yes it has a pcn number, and NO the warrant does not have my current address on it (neither, my previous and is dated5/11/2012 & it is for a car I sold 6 months ago it states the date of contravention: 4/5/12 "The Police Officer was wrong when she stated that the warrant for the unpaid parking ticket allowed entry into your home. Once you have ascertained what these debts relate to you may well have grounds to make a Formal Complaint concerning the police" this was stated by the officer in ref to my partners issue the HMCS one
  12. no ive never had a pcn before, + have no knowledge on it "sounds like a court fine not council tax" possibly fine for non payment of council tax? we really dont know - my oh said the bailiff stated it was because they had sent a letter for income/benefits request form to our old address which apparently had 14 days to return it, and they said because it hadnt been received it a warrant had been issued for her arrest??? (this was all said by the bailiff while the police were next to her) at first they told her it was for a criminal/ road traffic incident looking back i think that was for the benefit of the 2 police who were with there (i was in the house scanning the docs with 1 officer at my back door not allowing me to close it + the above was being explained to my oh with the bailiffs & officers at the end of our drive) she said the bailiff then called the office and came back to say oh its not for a criminal offence it was for failing to supply info & about a warrant for her arrest
  13. 2 receipts plus I managed to scan the documents relating to my "debt" -marstons case details doc (4pages) -warrant of execution - unpaid penalty charge both adressed to my prev house -besides the receipt we have no other paperwork relating to my oh "debt"
  14. i can confirm mine was for pcn (lancashire county council), we dont know about the other the receipt states it is hmcs lancashire, it can only be council tax they explained something about her not returning an income form (which we havent had!) that is all we know about them Thanks!
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