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  1. We are still getting debt collection letters for a past tenant who moved from our property 3 years ago (in February 2013). Our current tenant has faced bailiffs at the door, letters from the VAT man, letters from debt collection agencies relating to other properties, though we are unsure if these are from before or after the year he was our tenant. The latest letter (dated 3rd dec 2012) is classic; we rang and were told we are not allowed to open his mail (not true as I understand we are 'under threat'), yet the final sentence of the letter says "If you do not contact us we will assume that you are the correct person and we will contact you again in order that we can get the matter resolved". Laughable if it wasn't serious. So we have three questions: 1. what should / can we say to get these people to desist? 2. is there any way we can stop this altogether? - an agency of some sort? 3. Are we legally allowed to open his mail? Finally, I have not posted his name, in case the law favours him and his actions over us, though feel very tempted. I would be grateful for guidance regarding this also. Thanks for any help / advice TheBuggersMoved
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