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  1. I have looked at the energy retail code guide to backbilling (see link) I cannot really see the answer to my scenario. What I really belive is that when the meter was fitted the transco fitter should not of allowed for gas to be used until i contacted a shipper, although back in 95 i am not sure what the situation was with different companies offering supply, Again this is peraps naive but nobody explained that i needed to do anything at the time to get a gas bill, there certainly wasnt any awareness of MPAN numbers and the like. to be honest i cannot even verify that the meter installed started at Zero..yes i think it was a new meter.. I possibly signed something.. i really dont know. Any more advice welcome energy-uk.org.uk/publication/finish/43-code-of-practice-for-accurate-bills/412-the-code-of-practice-for-accurate-bills-back-billing-for-domestic-customers.html
  2. Right hopefully I can get some good advice here, I really am genuinely worried and struggling to know what to do. I bought a house in 1995, I at some point (no recorded letters or correspondence) asked for a gas meter as there was a supply into the house but no meter. A meter was installed at exactly the same time the plumber was finishing the heating instalation, the transco man and the plumber got me connected up and running and commisioned the heating. I know this sounds igronant but at the time i was working on a building site were there were plumbers, this guy quoted and installed my system for cash, i believe the new boiler he supplied was aquired from the company he worked with. Basically i started using the system for heating and water, it wasnt until possibly 10 months later i realised i had not recieved a gas bill, firstly because it seemed good and in advancing years because i became frightened i did not pursue a gas bill, here we are in 2012 and i am selling the house, I really do not know what to do for the best. the documents that i am filling in for the solicitor are only generic about house utilities, furnishings being left, etc...the moral part of me is wanting to do something about the situation, but i do not no what, I gather by reading posts most people seem to have a nominated shipper but no bill, i havent a shipper so dont know who to talk to... I know this sounds decitful, but if i just left the property and the new owner nominated a shipper what would happen. I suppose i am prepared to pay for the gas used but keep thinking, well whose gas have i used. Please please help me with this..I dont want to sound dramatic but with the stress of this i am feeling unwell..thankou
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