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  1. My strategy with this is as follows. I have dealt with this incident in court, and my previous experience (early on) is that the council will say that my complaint has been dealt with by the courts. Therefore I have turned my reasons for wanting to complain, into an enquiry of the LA. The first is regarding clamping. I have asked under what legislation are they allowing their bailiffs to clamp when collecting PCN's. In the 6/8 weeks I have had numerous spurious answers, with which I am systematically dealing with. Not one satisfactory answer yet. Secondly I have asked if they allow a "van/attendance fee where there is no valid levy" . Again I have not had a conclusive answer. Ie Yes or No. Again thank you for your congrats. I will get back when the judgement gets to me re the form4. I would just like to say that although my personal issue may have ended, I intend to pursue the other wrongs that I have seen during my brief experience with a bailiff.
  2. Sorry to be a bit cryptic. Essentially what happens, it seems, is that my LA send any complaint about a bailiff, to the bailiff company to handle.!!
  3. I would like to wait for the "court papers" to come through (5/10 days), I will then expand. I would like to be accurate regarding the judges comments and conclusions. It was my first experience in a court, and representing myself, it will take some digesting and understanding. I would like my experience to be useful to as many people as possible. I am still pressing my LA to come up with some legal answers regarding this bailiff, and will let you know how that proceeds too. It seems that the bailiff companies are also the LA's advisers on bailiff matters. I ask a hypothetical question.......................... If a LA gets a complaint from you about the dog barking next door, should they let the owner of the dog deal with the complaint? It seems as though this is what happens with bailiffs in my borough, and it is wrong.
  4. Hello to you all,I am sitting on the train back to Euston having a beer.A little celebration.I won my case, the bailiffs certificate was taken from him, and I was awarded compensation.YAHOO!!I will get back to my beer, and to all you guys later. I have not finished with Jacobs yet. Just to add, a form 4 can be entered for both reasons. i.e. to complain about the conduct of the bailiff "OR" to question his fitness to hold a certificate. The legislation says "OR".
  5. I am back with news that the hearing date for my Form4 complaint has been set for Sept. A long trip up north. After all this time I still feel that my complaint is justified and still feel that the bailiff breached the POFA by clamping.
  6. Here is an interesting question. Bailiff clamps a car that does not belong to a debtor. It is on a private drive. the car has no parking tickets issued against it. the owner is not a debtor of any kind. (debt is someone elses) Did he have "legal authority" to clamp. If not, is he in breach of POFA (54) I would be interested to hear your views.
  7. Thank you ploddertom. I will submit a more detailed request as suggested. I know I am being picky, but surely an agreement of any kind is a contract (little c).They said. "I can confirm that Broxbourne Borough Council does not have any contracts with companies engaged in the recovery of PCNs"
  8. ub67 They do use private bailiffs. I thought my question was broad enough. Their answer says that they have not got "any contracts" with companies. Surely they must have something, be it verbal or written. It seems that many local authorities do have such a document.
  9. Hello everyone, I again thank you for all your comments. This is a related item but will re-post if necessary. Under the FOI act I asked my local authority for "A copy of the enforcement services contract in force with companies engaged in recovering unpaid Penalty Charge Notices". Their response was "I can confirm that Broxbourne Borough Council does not have any contracts with companies engaged in the recovery of PCNs" This seems strange to me. "Contract" has quite a wide scope, and not to have "any contract" would seem irregular. Any comments would be appreciated, along with any info on where I can research this item. This whole episode has really opened my eyes to the ways in which the bailiff industry is not controlled.
  10. To keep you guys up to date, I have received the courts reply with the response/statements of the bailiff and the company. basically admitting a mistake by the company and a load of old tosh from the bailiff. My measured response has been mailed and I now await the Judge's direction. I'll be back.
  11. I have submitted a form 4 on the basis that the bailiff broke rules and regulations, and many of the codes of conduct by his actions. I have not questioned his fitness to hold a certificate. Surely the court will decide as to whether his actions warrant the withdrawal of his certificate.
  12. How can they defend clamping the wrong car, and leaving it clamped when told by a police officer who had seen overwhelming evidence of ownership. He did not want to see evidence. Plus he was aggresive and intimidating.
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