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  1. Thanks guys. I know they'd been shut down, just seemed a bit odd to me that it was being re-chased so much later. I'm guessing they sold their customer records on with the hope that a few people might get pressured into paying up. I won't be doing anything with it, that's for sure.
  2. Hi guys, not posted for a while on here! Does anybody know anything about United Kash? They are based in Ipswich as far as I can tell. I had a SpeedCredit PDL years ago I never fully repaid as they kept demanding I repay like £3000 for a £400 loan. I've just ignored it, and as far as I know, SC dissolved a while back. I hadn't heard a thing until the last month, when this company have started contacting me demanding I repay this debt originally from MCO capital. I've received this lovely threat e-mail: We have written to you previously requesting that y
  3. Hiya slick, I'm pretty much expecting nothing wrt bank charges, but i'll see. Through my old statements I can see that I managed to have a total of 50 different payday loans in a 2 year period....40 of these were in a 6 month period with a value of £11,000!! As you can see, total insanity on my part. I've since paid virtually all of this back. I also had a credit card with Virgin (MBNA), which I defaulted on, but have since cleared down to £0. I was charged late fees etc by them, but have no recollection of how much and when. I borrowed £3000 from Sainsbury's bank as a lo
  4. Thanks for the quick reply! I only enquired as I had mixed messages....I read over on MSE that there are isolated cases where help can be had from the FOS. I called the FOS who will look into it for me - though they did re-iterate it's unlikely these days, as the ruling was made in the highest court in the land, and if they rule in your favour they are effectively over-ruling the highest legal power in the country. That said, banks do on occasion have sympathetic views towards their customers (unlikely I know), so they will still try and help me. I have the evidence, I will let
  5. Hi guys I was just wondering if people are still having success with reclaiming all of sharkleys hideous fees etc from times gone by. It's sort of my own fault for not getting round to doing this sooner.....but at the time I didn't know about it, and it completely just went off my radar while my finances were a mess. I've just received my old statements bank from Barclays. I've just gone through and worked out that I was charged a total of £826.00 over an 11-month period in stupid reserve usage fees, returned transaction fees and guaranteed transaction fees. As you probably guessed
  6. Thanks for the reply. My situation is that the credit card is fully paid off, but marked as defaulted on my credit file. The loan had a total balance of approx £3600 to be paid off. This now has around £2500 to pay, again in default.
  7. Hi guys, Wondering if any knowledgeable souls can assist me here In the past I have had an MBNA credit card, and a Sainsbury bank loan. The credit card was taken out in around 2011, the loan in around 2012/13. I got myself into an almighty mess with these, payday loans and the like. Needless to say I defaulted on both. My question regarding PPI....are these both too recent to have had PPI attached? Did this all die down a few years beforehand? I phoned Sainsbury's to ask if my loan had PPI, to which they said no. How do I know they are telling the truth here? Is there any
  8. Hi all, Me and the Mrs currently have a Ford Fiesta on a common 3-year PCP agreement. Changes in family and work mean our car and mileage agreement aren't really suitable now, so we need a change. We set up the agreement 2 years ago on a brand new 13 plate car. We pay £210 a month and we think it's not a bad deal for £0 deposit. So we've paid roughly £5000 into the car. While we like Ford, we may be tempted by a different manufacturer. This is where the issues arise. I'm seeing conflicting information online about what you can and can't do on a PCP regarding finishing early. We've b
  9. I've still heard nothing from anyone anywhere. I decided to check on Digital Financial Services website.....and it's hilarious. Every link at the top has the page filled with:http://www.digitalfinancialservices.co.uk/about-us I can't even make out what language (if any) that is written in! Looks like Latin/Greek - ish. Who knows! Very professional either way.
  10. 3 people I know here in Cambridge all had (and have subsequently lost) jobs with Cash Genie - they used to make the 100 mile round trip to Ipswich every day as the pay was worth the drive! 2 were just standard phone hasslers chasing debt, and were on ~£25k plus incentives for sitting at a desk al day. The other was an Account & Loan Manager, he was on nearer £40k! He's also been given a massive redundancy package meaning he can have a year off work if he chooses without money worries. Just shows how much these companies really were making from vulnerable people.
  11. Thanks again! I assumed it was too easy to just pop down the bank and get a print out. Seems I was right to even dare think the banks would help you in any way. Looks like I will have to pursue the SAR route and take it from there. By my reckoning they took somewhere between £500-£1000 from me in just a few months.. ..this coupled with all the extra PDLs etc I took out to keep myself above water, hopefully I've got a reasonable chance of something.
  12. Thanks for your helpful reply! This may sound stupid, but can you not just go into Barclays and ask them for statements going back to say 2010? Will they not provide those for me? What exactly can I expect to receive by requesting a DSAR?
  13. Hi Guys,Sorry if this has been asked a million times before - which i'm sure it has. I have a graduate additions account with Barclays which stems back from my University days. I have a £2,000 overdraft limit on the account. I got myself into a horrendous mess with a credit card, a loan and lots of payday loans. ....all of which inevitably led to me getting into massive trouble. Barclays kindly decided to add a £150 'reserve' onto my account some time ago, which meant every time i went 1p into it, they would fine me £22. For every 5 working days I was in this reserve
  14. Hi there,Sounds like you are in a very similar sounding payday loan boat as myself! I'm also trying to repair the hideous damage I have done to myself and my credit file with these wretched loans. I've got myself down to a credit score of very poor now, which basically means I can't even get accepted for a new mobile contract! All my own doing, but annoying as hell either way.Most of this is down to MC / OPOS registering a default on my account for a debt now going back 3 or so years. I borrowed £400, which is now showing as me owing them £1810. Laughable really. I've been trying to fight this
  15. Hi Guys,A lonnnnnnng time ago (well before i found this place and straightened myself out!) I had a loan with speed credit. I refused to repay the stupid amount they requested, had loads of to-ing and fro-ing like most on here, and then they got closed down. I thought the debt may be scrapped with a lot of their loan book. Earlier in the year I received an email from digital finance saying they now own the debt and I need to pay them instead. Someting daft like £3500 for a £400 loan.This was months and months ago. I didn't reply to them at the time and haven't heard anything back since. I've c
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