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  1. Todays interesting correspondance _____________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Thank you for your email of 11 December 2012. We have passed this to West Midlands Debt on your behalf who are dealing with your account Regards We'd like your feedback on your experience when contacting Creation let us know how we've done __________________________________________________________________________ Hello I have it on good authority that West Midlands Debt can be contacted at Dept: West Midlands Debt Collection Chadwick House Blenheim Court Solihull B91 2AA Within the same building as Creation. There are also a lot of complaints as to how they conduct themselves as well as active financial ombudsman investigations. As I said previously, I have made a settlement offer that was agreed and the account should therefore be closed. Please confirm this is the case or I will have no other option but to take legal action. I look forward to your reply. _________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Thank you for your email of 18 December 2012 As advised in our previous email as your account is with West Midlands Debt we are unable to comment on your email other than to forward this on to them. thank you __________________________________________________________________________ I have reached an agreement with them, it is your communications with them that need resolved. I have no other option but to take legal action. Regards _______________________________________________________________ Dear Sir In response to your email, we can only action information we receive. Up until now we have not received such information. However they have responded to your previous email sent to them today - please see their response below Hi, Can you please reply back to customer advising that the account has been closed out as settled as customer paid £xxx on the 24th November 2012. It is in process of being updated on credit file. Thanks WMD We trust this answers your query If you need anything further please dont hesitate to contact us again thank you Regards
  2. The "they" is Payday Express. Yes, I have satisfied fully a defaulted account, but the entry does not show it as ''satisfied''. It remains "Default". Similarly, I also have a Wonga account showing "Default" and the full outstanding balance even though I am 6 months into a repayment plan without missing a payment. On Friday they have agreed this is not right and manually updated my credit profile to reflect my latest status. However, none of these have yet appeared on my credit report. I have made efforts to clean up my file but these have not been reciprocated.
  3. I am currently going through this exact same process! I sent them my screenshot 2 weeks ago, then rang them last week. They have said it should show on my report by the end of this week. Hope they are right. The default has been showing my last installation since November last year. It is only when I tried for car finance I realised something was wrong.
  4. Is there any progress on West Midlands Debt Collection Ltd?My Creation account is in their remit. I reached a settlement with them for 65% of the total to close the account.Now my creation account is 35% of the total and my credit report is also showing the 35%. I have contacted Creation and they said my account is the responsibility of West Midlands Debt Collection Ltd and I have to contact them to resolve the issue.I explained the above reasons for why I do not want to contact them and they said the only way to resolve is through West Midlands Debt Collection Ltd.Nightmare!
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