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  1. Hi do I log on to karengreen26 only when I want to say something bit confused, do I reply to the claim saying I intend to defend the case , the particulars of the case are Claim for monies outstanding, as registered keeper, in relation to a Parkin g Charge, issued 14/12/2012, for parking without authority on private land. ParkingEye?s automated number plate recognition (ANPR) system, monitoring Gleadless Medical Centre , 636 Gleadless Road, Sheffield S14 1 PQ , captured vehicle *****entering and leaving the car park, parking without authorisation. The
  2. Hi received a letter back in Jan wanting £100 reduced to £60 if I paid immediately for parking in a doctors car park could see no signs etc as it dusk and raining very heavily followed the advise given on this site and after 6 letters thought I had heard the last of them then this morning I have received a claim from Northampton County Court, never been in bother before and am really worried now what do I do now ignore
  3. Hi I received a notice back in January and after contacting this site and following their advise I ignored and ignored up to 5 letters, this morning I received a claim from Northampton County Court for £165.00 what do I do now still ignore?
  4. I have received a claim form this morning from Northampton County Court asking for £165.00 what do I do now, Ignore really am very worried about this as originally, my husband wanted me to pay in full in receipt of first notice but I followed your advise how do I get out of this then
  5. speak of the devil after I sent the above postie arrived with yet another letter from parking eye saying they would accept £100 and it would be best if I paid now to avoid any possible court action ???? tossers
  6. Hi LT2013 have you heard anything I haven't fingers crossed.
  7. Yes not a problem will check in weekly every thursdayish, lets hope this will be the end of it, not holding my breath though are you
  8. Hi yes my letter says notice of litigation, just out of the blue was speaking to my son yesterday about this matter he had similar problems a couple of years ago he ignored and ignored and he says he hasn't heard anything now for around 18months which has given me a little hope
  9. Yes absolutely Parking Eye and Debt Recovery plus. followed the exact same path as yours, again all dating back to Dec 2012 appears to have upped the anti as received the same letter last week and then again this week think I have left it too long now to pay up have to see it through certainly don't want to be paying out £150 for 55mins parking quite scared though:???:
  10. Hi your story very similar to mine I am too very nervous but have also followed the advise given on this site (husband going mad says I must pay) I parked In a doctors car park so I could attend a dentist appointment the usual parking place was taken up with the fire brigade it was dark and raining and I did not see the signs which are placed very low down on the entry to the car park, I was gone for 45 mins supposed we have gone this far so we need to keep the faith good luck
  11. Back in dec 12 I parked in a local gp car park whilst attending a dental app. the usual parking place was taken over by the fire brigade servicing the water taps, it was very dark and raining and I did not see any notices either entering or leaving I was gone for 55mins and received a notice 3 days later demanding £100. or £60 if paid in 5 days I followed your advise and ignored then this week I have received two letters from Debt recovery plus saying I owe £150 and if I don't pay it will be passed to the land owners solicitor to commence county proceedings now I am scared husband says I must
  12. hi everyone thanks for your comments its the message about them devils Parking eye still not sure wether to ignore, has anyone taken them to conclussion, anyone actually been taken to court. really worried as dont owing
  13. Its says parking charge notice no mention of fine just parking charge
  14. hi it thicko again i sussed how to post but now my main enquirey is dominated by my thicko querie how do i remove my first post.
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