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  1. Thanks Becky - That's what I told the wife, the Judge said it doesn't need to go to a pre-hearing & you don't have to make a deposit, these 2 things normally mean there is little chance of success!
  2. That was not her only complaint, but this letter is from her HR Officer & they usually miss out stuff!
  3. Thankyou - I thought that was the case, especially as the Respondents solicitors asked the judge for a pre-hearing & for my wife to pay a deposit & the Judge said no to both this will go straight to a full hearing as it is "Black & white"( this gave my wife a good "Hint" that she has a good case against her former employers)
  4. Hi Guys, After a little help, my wife is currently going through a tribunal claim for constructive dismissal/sex discrimination by her previous employer, she has recently had a face to face CMD, the judge has said she does not have to pay a deposit & there is no need for a pre-hearing review as he sees the case as "black & white" Yesterday she received a letter from her previous employers with the above title & this is what t they have said: "Further to the case management discussion held at London South Employment tribunal on xxxxx, I now fully appreciat
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