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  1. Problem sorted now; in 1992 I had a 2 year break from payments which they had forgotten about and not included when the fund value was initially worked out! Thanks for your advice.
  2. Thanks for the reply but the plan has a guaranteed annuity rate which I will lose if I go with another provider.
  3. Hello, I'm new to these forums and would like some advice on a problem I have understanding the complex world of pensions! I am about to retire and have a personal pension invested with one of the leading financial institutions in the UK. 6 weeks ago I contacted the company stating my intentions to take my pension asap whereupon I received a retirement illustration with the total current value of the fund clearly shown, together with my options and yearly pension figure. I then asked for another illustration as I had missed the deadline for retiring in December 2012 and I was sent another package showing the figures if I started the pension in January 2013 and the total current value had increased slightly.I completed the necessary paperwork and today received a call informing me that the forms had been received but the fund was less than quoted on both illustrations. In fact it was over 10% less. I asked why the fund had been reduced and they are 'looking into it' but I am obviously concerned . The pension plan has a guaranteed annuity rate which is double the current standard rate and I am wondering if this fact is significant. Is it normal for the total current value figure to be so different to the final fund value when the figures are only a week or so apart? Any advice or information will be very welcome, thanks.
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