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  1. I woold ignore for now. Just one point a NOA can come from either party,old or new owner. If they write again i would be tempted to send a prove it letter just to keep a paper trail Even if you did owe anything it is nearly SB anyway so i am sure you could tie them up for a few months.
  2. Just an update,had two emails,first offering nearly 50% for quick settlement or 40% over two months,next offering monthly repayment plan. I have printed off most of the emails i have had and copied everything just waiting for the prepaid envelope from BCCA. Stage 2of complaints procedure.I know it's no excuse but they have earned a lot of money off me when i was rolling over or settling and increasing the loan so they could write this off and still be in profit.
  3. But isn't it now the 22nd in some places and they are still there.
  4. Rofl yes i did mean hard and not hate These guys are barstewards. I have had my fair share of threatening letters over the years and fell for them. Even had two ccjs back in the 90's. One of which i now know had no legs as it was a roll up of overdraft and loan done without my consent. The other,in all likelihood would probably not been legal if i had fought it.
  5. I would have named some however as the ones you had named had been edited i saw little point.
  6. Wasn't the censure for using SD's as a threat, so issuing a SD but then not petitioning for BR. Maybe its a sign of the times. More and more people are getting into debt,there is more and more bad advice out there and punters are also getting wiser about bully boy tactics. Maybe the banks are selling debts on faster and hence the increase.
  7. I think the basic comparison sites will work well. Just Google electricity price comparison. You will get a few options
  8. They get away with it because no one complains. No disrespect but just check the letter for spelling,grammar as i noticed a couple of mistakes and you want it to look professional. I do wonder why the increase in bankruptcies, chicken or egg. There are increasing numbers of people going BR I am a little uncertain about the need for the email stopping the SD as it can not happen anyway. Of course it will make you feel better
  9. I think you will find most of us have had perfectly "normal" upbringings whatever normal is although i will concedes that some people gay and straight just need a bloody good slap
  10. Armcm, i get exactly where you are coming from. These letters are sent in order to scare people. I find it really helps me when i can tell them to get stuffed and know they can really do nothing about it. I once sent a letter to a dca headed dear ****wits, how many times do i have to tell you i have no money or assets,make me bankrupt if you want to. Obviously not something to send if you have an income or assets but i haven't heard from them since
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