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  1. On 6th May 2011 I paid £550. I was not told how much it would cost to replace the living room carpet or the bathroom sink (I bought one but they claim it doesn't fit). Neither the carpet nor the sink were new when I moved in, therefore I was informed they can only charge 'like for like' rather than demand brand new. I am not sure whether this is true or not though. I bought the sink from someone who had one too many, no receipt. I paid £35. They are not responding. No communication whatsoever since the day I visited their office around 6 or 7th May. None of my emails were acknowledged or replied to. The name of the agent is xxxxxxxxxxx and they are based in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Thank you for taking the time to read and reply
  2. Hi, thank you, I have used that website already and it appears my deposit is no longer protected.
  3. I have now checked with all DPS companies and my deposit is nowhere to be found. I am guessing the agent did not reregister therefore my money was not protected. What shall I do now?
  4. Hello I'd really appreciate your input please. I vacated the property on 2nd May 2014( after 3 years of renting). Rent was paid up to the 5th. I kept the terms of the tenancy agreement, prompt notice given and rent paid. I turned the keys in on time, cleaned the property, however, did not manage to cut the grass (grass was not cut when we moved in anyway) as left it too late and the bad weather prevented me from doing it on the last day. On 6th May 2011 I paid rental deposit, that I was told was protected by My Deposits scheme. The copy of the certificate I still have, looks a little dodgy (bad copy) but it has the all important Cert No. It also tells me the Period of Protection: 06 May 2011 - until 3 months from the date you vacated the property. This means that it is still protected, right? My first question is: why then, when I enter the Cert No on mydeposits website my deposit is not found?? What does that mean? Also, when I was called into my agency's office after I moved out, I signed a paper confirming that I agree to pay for damaged carpet & broken sink. I bought a new sink and left it there but the agent claims it doesn't fit, so I agreed to pay for a new one. I was not given a copy of that paper and made a mistake of leaving the office without one. I was rushing to get back to work as I was on my lunch break, but when I realised my mistake I emailed them to ask for copy (twice!) but received no reply at all. I was never told how much it would cost me to pay for these things. Is that acceptable??? I emailed twice asking for that information but heard nothing from them. Shall I write to them again? How to word my request to avoid being ignored? Huge thanks for any advice you can offer! Monika
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