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  1. Like a lot of people, I've been following this for a long time and just want to say "Well Done" to everyone involved. Most of it has been beyond my tiny mind but think I have learnt a lot from this thread, the main one being "DON'T GIVE UP!!
  2. Hi All. DX, I filled in the PAP form as you said and sent it off to Kearns. Attached is the letter I received back from them last Saturday morning. I sent a CCA request off to Link but that didn't actually get posted until the 27th November so nothing back yet. Is it 12+2 working days they have to respond? I sent a SAR to MBNA and have had a large envelope of stuff back from them earlier this week. I haven't had chance to look through it all yet but after a quick flick through, there is a copy of the credit agreement which is signed by me and pages of other stuff which doesn't make any sense whatsoever! No doubt I will be on here asking all of you good people for help to decipher it!! Thanks in advance Suss Kearns Response.pdf
  3. Hi DX Thanks for your reply and the link above. If I understand this correctly I now need to fill in the PAP form ticking boxes D and I disputing, needing more information etc and also send a CCA Request (library template) off to Link? Suss
  4. Hi all I received the attached letter from Kearns on Saturday morning. Just wondered where I should be going next? Towards the end of the attached letter it says "Failure to respond within the stipulated period will result in Court proceedings being issued" so do I wait for a claim form to arrive (if they do send one) or do I send a CCA to either Link or this crew? In the letter was a"reply form" which had different tick boxes if you admit the debt, dispute the debt or need more information about the debt etc. and also an income and expenditure form. I haven't attached these but I can if required. I have sent a SAR to MBNA which has been received and signed for at their end so am waiting a response. Thanks in advance Suss. Kearns.pdf
  5. Hi DX and thanks for your reply. I'll get a SAR off to MBNA. I don't recall ever speaking to Link and I have no recollection of writing to them, so I am pretty sure that I have never responded to them. I know I keep asking but do I CCA Link yet or wait and see what happens? Suss
  6. Yes, that's what I was thinking too. In the meantime as their letter states it will be passed onto Kearns Solicitors, what's my next move? 1 : Do I wait and see if it goes to Kearns and see what they do (issue court proceedings)? 2 : Do I SAR MBNA so I've got information if they do No.1? 3 : Do I CCA Link and see what I get from them (if anything) or do I leave the CCA until No.1? Suss
  7. Nope. Nothing has been paid to Link and all payments were direct to MBNA. The figure seems to be the same as what MBNA said it was when it was sold. I think the account was terminated by MBNA in August 2012. I got into financial difficulties before then and I think I was paying a reduced amount to MBNA before it went to Link.
  8. The last thing I received from them was a "Statement Of Account" with a "Notice of Sums In Arrears" at the bottom of the page in September 2017. Before that was the same but that was dated March 2017. In February 2017 I had a letter saying that "We have not written to you for some time as have had to validate your address" and they "Would like to speak to me" etc. Then September 2016 I had another "Statement of Account". Just looking through the paperwork I have from them I seem to get a statement from them in March and September and a letter saying "please call us" in between the statements. Suss
  9. Yes there is. It says Default Date 31/07/2012. Suss
  10. Hi DX I haven't managed to ring MBNA yet but I have just checked my credit file on Experian and it shows AP (arrangement to pay) for most of 2011 and up to June 2012. Last payment according to Experian was in May 2012 as the payment amount in June was £0. The box for July 2012 has a D in it and status says Defaulted Account. So, any advice on where to go from here if possible please? Regards Suss
  11. Yes, MBNA have been informed of my current address and there has been correspondence between myself and MBNA at this address before they sold it onto LINK. Link have only written to me at my current address as this is the only place that I have lived at since I have had any dealings with them. Suss
  12. Yes Moved to current address in 2006 Suss
  13. Hi DX Thanks for the speedy reply. (The MBNA PRA thread was a different card which was my wife's but it was easier to talk about it in the 1st person tense. I hope I didn't cause confusion or problems doing it like that?) This one is mine and I checked my credit file on Equifax this morning and it shows that the card was taken out in 2002 and a default issued in July 2012. I have a letter from Link dated the 8th October 2012 that they were "assigned" the debt on 26th September 2012. I have "buried my head a bit" and haven't paid Link anything in that time. I have had the odd letter from them and annual statements. Suss
  14. Hi everyone I hope I've posted this in the correct forum as I'm back again just looking for advise and general pointing in the right direction. I've received a letter (PDF attached) and presume at this stage all I can do is send a CCA request to Link? Do I send a SAR to Link and MBNA or just to MBNA as they were the original creditor? Regards Suss Link.pdf
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