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  1. Hi Brig, Is there anyone on here that can make a good judgment on the CCA to see if it is Valid or not? Im just wondering if we are wasting or time on the enforceability route. gchads
  2. Hi Brig, recieved my response to your template. They state that they have complied with the law and provided me the agreement. gchads [ATTACH=CONFIG]42051[/ATTACH]
  3. Hi DX, Sent SAR reference charges and interest and enforebility of Overdraft. gchads
  4. Hi Everyone, Have recieved SAR back from Barclays today. Alot of information they have sent regarding Statments all the way back from 1998 to 2006 when the account was closed. They also sent Service Point ODP, regarding to a credit card. Dont know where to start with this all doesnt make any sense apart from the statments. Been looking through but there is nothing containing Overdraft limits etc. Can someone help please and point me in right direction. thanks gchads
  5. Hi citizenb, i have SAr them regarding account. and am still waiting for the results to come. Its is bank account so i dont think there was any PPI. But default charges definte yes. gchads
  6. hi Brig the LTD Company account is with HSBC as well. But it is the sole trader account which is overdrawn. the bank isnt pressing with payment. Our DMP covers pro rota payments to them as well. gchads
  7. Been a few weeks and still no reply. anyone share any experience?
  8. Hi Brig, Have PM'd you m8. gchads
  9. Hi Anyone, could someone look at the above post and adivse me please. Your help is really appreciated gchads
  10. Hi fletch, I will stop paying them. Will have endure 6 years of calls and letter for DCA i assume. Have you had the same experience?# gchads
  11. Hi there, Should i stop payments immediately or shall i keep paying them pro rota until my SAR arrives? gchads
  12. Hi Everyone, We have received 3 replies to CCA requests from HBOS so far. They are stating they have sent copies of original documents not originals. Couple of things that stand out, one signature is totally different to mine. Also there are no dates signed on the agreement, dont know if that will make a difference. On the back of agreement they have photocopied 1 side of the T&C. Seems a bit small and out of keeping with the other side. Dont know whether this is a doctored copy of CCA or original. I have scanned and posted below for everyone too see and make up thei
  13. Hi DX, I was paying Payplan in a DMP when they went and obtained a CCJ and then a CO even though i was being cooperative. At the time Payplan advised there was nothing i can do because i was in the wrong because of money owed and they can apply for CCJ and CO for debts owned. i was in a complete and followed there guidance because i thought they knew what they were doing. i am only understanding now after all these years about these companies. gchads
  14. Hi fletch, The original default fell off my CRA file after 6 years. i have been paying them Payplan. can they register another fresh default against my name? gchads
  15. Hi there, Just recieved my reconstitued CCA and covering letter back from Barclaycard. Few points they have stated stick out. They agree this CCA is not enforceable then they go onto say their rights still exist under the agreement and i should keep making payments. they are citing Carey vs HSBC and Phillip McGuffick as to why i should keep making payments. I have attached the CCA and covering letter for the more wise on here to digest and point me in right direction. gchads [ATTACH=CONFIG]41796[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]41797[/ATTACH]
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