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  1. Does the company have a VOR policy - ie a list of faults a driver can VOR for and faults that shouldn't be VOR'd? If the a/c is on the VOR list then you're sorted. If not look at H & S policy re max and min working temps. I assume that temp in cab is around or above 30c so you may be able to argue it. However I suspect you'll probably just have to keep driving in which case get some oral rehydration salts sachets from chemist/supermarket mix them in several bottles of water and drink during shift. Also freeze some bottled water overnight and take with you as that'll take most of day to defrost leaving you with cold drink.
  2. You can apply for a pre paid visa card.......
  3. Its a fob off as you suspect. Spend 10 quid on a SAR getting as many of the old statements as you can and search your house and attic to find any you have. Complete the spreadsheets provided on the site and put in your claim to FOS. I've just got mine back after B/C said I had no claim its their standard delaying tactic
  4. As an alternative why not do as asked by taking a screenshot and pasting this either into a word doc or an email. If word doc save this onto a usb memory stick and take this in for JC to print themselves. If onto email just email it or word doc directly to your JC advisor again saving printer costs
  5. I'm on the electoral register and no late markers, no defaults, no ccj's nothing other than paid on time
  6. Hi there - I'm a bit intrigued by the way agencies calculate credit scores in that I've never defaulted, always paid on time and no other potential black marks. I do have a loan which has two years to run and 2 credit cards but as I said all up to date. Now Noddle puts my score at 3/5 which seems average but equifax gives me an excellent score of 510. I realise the numbers mean nothing but how can I be excellent and average?
  7. I certainly will enjoy having paid off the B/C bill and account closed! I did discover that a couple of annoyed messages on twitter were far more effective than any number of calls to customer services and the PPI team. Their web relations team obviously wish to avoid negative press on twitter as its so easily searchable [email protected] is their email. Can this thread be moved to the successes section Thanks all
  8. well the money turned up in the account today - fantastic!
  9. Well just phoned and discovered that my case has been closed. However they can't understand why no money paid. I have demanded some action and will complain to FOS for all the good that will do
  10. I haven't but I'll give it a go! Totally hacked off that the amount they're offering exceeds amount on card but whilst I'm waiting for payout I'm being charged interest. Obviously if I stop paying them a default will be placed on my credit file so they have me at present
  11. Ah well its been 29 days since the efficient staff at barclaycard received my acceptance - time for another call I feel. Incidently I feel the customer service rep I spoke to last has a different view of reality to the rest of the financial world. Despite my acceptance letter being signed for as a special delivery letter Barclaycard only views it as delivered when it turns up in the relevant department. Does this mean that barclaycard will consider that when I receive their bill it becomes payable in 28 days from the date I open it not from the date it drops through my letterbox?
  12. Its not even a cheque! All they have to do is reduce the account balance to zero and transfer the rest by BACS to my account. Simples I can vaguely understand that it will take time to calculate payment (although I assume pretty automated now) but once calculated and agreed how can that take 4 weeks....
  13. Well todays "chasing" phone call was slightly productive in that the customer service rep has confirmed the 28 day payment window starts on day they receive acceptance letter. Admittedly they're out by one day as I sent by special delivery and confirmed date and time of signature but I'll allow 29days...... It was also useful to discover its 28days - not 28 working days - therfore 4 weeks from receipt of acceptance not 5 1/2. Still seems an awfully long time to get a bit of typing done though.
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